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Young adult student playing the piano with a tutor watching

How Music Can Help with Academic Development

By Elementary School, High School, Middle School, Music, Study Skills
In 1998 the governor of Georgia, convinced it would boost the academic achievement of children in his state, attempted to fund a program giving every child in the state a Mozart tape, in order to take advantage of the so-called “Mozart effect” where listening to Mozart increases intelligence. Unfortunately, this effect has been fairly thoroughly…
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Classroom full of students raising their hands to answer a question

How Independent Schools are using the ERB in lieu of the ISEE

By Elementary School, High School, ISEE, Middle School, SSAT, Study Skills, Test Prep, Uncategorized
As we reflect on the last few years since COVID started, it becomes abundantly clear that the landscape for standardized testing and private school admissions has changed drastically. As always, the admissions process remains secretive and individualized, with a significant number of schools choosing to go test optional, meaning the ISEE or SSAT tests are…
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A male and female student studying together from a textbook

Different Ways to Stay Productive/Stay on Top of your Classes during Spring Break

By ACT, AP Exams, College Admissions, Elementary School, High School, Middle School, PSAT, SAT, Study Skills, Test Prep, Uncategorized
With spring break around the corner, many students may be wondering how best to use their time most productively. While students will of course want to relax and enjoy their well-earned rest, but spring break also provides ample time for students to catch up on missing work, prepare for tests or college admissions, or just…
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