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Interview with an Admissions Consultant : Personal Statements and Private School Applications with Priya Nambiar

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What is the most important thing you wish you could tell all applicants? Do you think your advice differs for younger or older students? For older applicants (those who are applying to 6th grade and above), I always remind them to look for a school that is the best match – academically, athletically, socially. Try…

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3 Key Questions that Admissions Committees Consider

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So you’ve submitted your application and someone from the school of your dreams called back to schedule an interview.  Frightened? Overwhelmed? Don’t be… we’ve broken down the three main areas that admissions officers evaluate when interviewing potential applicants. The majority of private schools have stepped away from the “formal interview” and engage the applicant and…

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5 Questions with Stephanie Klein Wassink

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Stephanie Klein Wassink is a college admissions expert and the founder of, a service that allows students to run their applications by three former admissions officers before they submit them, and Winning Applications, a college consulting firm. Based in Connecticut, Stephanie has over 15 years of experience in college admissions and was formerly on…

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