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Last Updated On: May 17th, 2020

The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is scheduled to change after the October 2020 administration. Exactly how it is changing hasn’t yet been revealed, but it might have a big impact on prospective test takers.
Current CHSPE policy is that students who have passed one or more sections of the test only need to retake the sections they didn’t pass, but these results are only good through the rest of this calendar year. If you’ve already passed the entire test, you can rest easy—your high school equivalency certificate and “legal 18” status are still valid. If you have passed one or two sections but not the entire test, you must pass every section by the October 2020 test date. If you don’t pass the remaining section(s) by then, you will have to start over with the new test series next academic year. Test takers in this position should register for the June test date and leave time to practice and prepare beforehand. That way, the October test is available just in case you need one more try.

If you’re thinking of taking the test but aren’t quite committed, it may be in your interest to take it this year. Because very little has been shared about exactly how the test will change, the current test is more predictable, and currently available resources (like the Barron’s book and LA Tutors own practice tests) can give you a good idea of what you need to do to pass. Since there are only two test dates left this year, it’s likely these dates will be very popular as test takers scramble to pass before the test changes. Therefore, it’s best to register early and plan to prepare for the test on both June and October.

If you don’t make it to the exam or pass every section this year, it’s always a good idea to work on basic math, reading comprehension, and writing skills, as these are sure to be on any test. LA Tutors is checking regularly for information about the new test series, and we’ll be ready to guide students through the preparation process for whatever it includes.

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