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Four high school students sitting around a table working on a project smiling at each other

New Details about the California Proficiency Program and the HiSET

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After much anticipation, the California Department of Education has finally released information about how students can get a California Certificate of Proficiency, which holds the same weight as a high school diploma, by taking the HiSET exam. This is one of two tests that will replace the CHSPE. The HiSET exam has been around for…

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CHSPE changing to the CPP

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What was the CHSPE? For years, students who wanted to qualify to leave high school early in California took the California High School Proficiency Exam (or CHSPE). A passing score on the CHSPE allowed students to leave high school to pursue their professional or educational goals. Many students used their passing CHSPE grade to enter…

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Four young high school kids staring in the distance while sitting on school steps

Transitioning to High School: Tips for Navigating the Change Smoothly

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Congratulations to your 8th grade graduate! With the transition to high school comes new opportunities, experiences, and challenges. Here are a handful of things that you and your student can expect, along with tips for each of you to make the transition as smooth as possible. Academics More flexibility with class electives High school students…

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