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SAT Goes Digital: Going deep into what we know about the next SAT change

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Standardized tests have been an important component in college application packets since the first half of the 1900s. There have been many changes in the frontrunning SAT and ACT exams over the years as the designers strive to make the tests more relevant and effective. Each change raises questions on how to prepare best for…

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How Do I Know if Independent Study is Right for My Student?

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Independent Study is an option of education that involves students working through their coursework separate from a classroom. The organization of independent study can be quite varied depending on the arrangement of the school providing it. In California, as laid out by the Assembly Bill 130, independent study has set guidelines for different grade levels….

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The Impact of Covid 19 on Higher Education: Are there pros for freshmen? What are the cons for the universities?

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It’s Not All Bad News! Recent Trends in College Tuition Costs and Financial Aid Awards The Covid pandemic has changed a lot about how we live and learn over the past two years. Much of it has been challenging, but recently there has been some promising news about college costs for students and prospective students….

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