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Suraj Ganiger

Suraj Ganiger

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Suraj Ganiger is a first-year Honors Biology major at UC Riverside, passionate about people, medicine, and microbes. In response to the growing antibody crisis, whose effects he felt personally, he formulated the NotoNoso glove, with four other friends (Sai Karthik Puvvula, Aarya Vishnu, and Abhiram Hanumanchi), all of whom shared similar stories to his own.

The NotoNoso glove is a sustainable, color-changing nitrile glove that changes color when it comes into contact with Nosocomial Bacteria (which are spread in a hospital setting and are harder to treat due to their resistant nature). They collaborated with doctors, chemists, and biologists and placed first internationally through their school’s HOSA Medical Innovations event.

He is currently exploring additional ways of sustainability, laboratories to conduct his research in, and faster detection times for the glove, all in the hopes of reaching their goal; the glove being used in a healthcare setting. He hopes the glove will prevent the prevalence of hospital-acquired infections and prove a “punch to the gut” to the antibody crisis.

Emma Pawlowski

Emma Pawlowski

Hometown: Vancouver B.C., Canada

Emma Pawlowski is a high school senior at St. John’s School. She was one of the founders of ORCA Festival, with four of her friends. ORCA Festival is a non-profit climate-focused event to increase awareness of sustainability and connect local sustainable businesses with the community, demonstrated in the acronym Ocean Conservation Reform for Climate Optimism and Action (ORCA) that showcases the values in her event. With the astounding success of the first event, overseeing over 1200 attendees and 18 local organizations and small businesses, Emma and her team worked to launch the second iteration of ORCA Festival with an even more incredible turnout. More about her project can be seen at @orcafestival on Instagram.

Punya Syon Pandey

Punya Syon Pandey

Hometown: Espanola, Ontario, Canada

The Vesa Terra App and Website are created to raise social awareness about climate change and its impacts on humanity. Within the app, there are many features such as an eco-footprint estimator, a comparison tool, and a module informing of next steps we all can take. Within the website, machine learning models have been used to provide forecasts on government datasets focusing on climate metrics. The goal of Vesa Terra is to raise awareness about climate change and ultimately, Save Earth.

Maxwell Mamishev

Maxwell Mamishev

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Maxwell Mamishev is a Senior at Nathan Hale High School who will do anything to keep his family safe from illness. He lives with his elderly grandmother and his immunocompromised, post-cancer treatment father. So, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe, he invented and patented the Social Distancing Reminder (SDR), a wearable device that uses a LiDAR sensor to help people maintain safe distances in public, with two of his closest friends. Subsequently, he partnered with GQ Electronics to manufacture and sell the SDR and took his knowledge to the University of Washington, where he wrote two papers related to illness prevention as a high school intern.

Calli Pasternack

Calli Pasternack

Hometown: Warwick, PA

Calli Pasternack, a Central Bucks East High School in Pennsylvania senior, has dedicated over 450 hours to volunteering with children and young adults with special needs. During her volunteer experiences, Calli became aware of the financial challenges associated with acquiring specialized learning materials crucial for the progress of individuals attending various therapies. Motivated by this realization, she founded Graspingit!, a company committed to providing school supplies, such as raised-line paper, miniature pencils, and hand-strengthening tools, to children with fine motor needs. Her initiative aims to bridge the resource gap and ensure that individuals with fine motor challenges can access the tools necessary for their development. With aspirations to become an Occupational Therapist, Calli envisions a future where she can continue contributing to the well-being and development of individuals with diverse needs.

Eva Reyes

Eva Reyes

Hometown: Spring Lake, NC

Eva Reyes is a senior at Western Harnett High School who has a passion for helping others and plans to become a Physician’s Assistant. After identifying the need for free feminine hygiene supplies in her rural high school, Eva developed the Pink Box Project to address period poverty in her community. For her seventeenth birthday, Eva asked for donations towards her project in lieu of gifts. Her project is now in full swing, and each classroom within her high school now houses a pink pencil box full of menstruation supplies for any student in need.

Jack Driscoll-Natale

Jack Driscoll-Natale

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Jack Driscoll-Natale is a senior at Pacific Collegiate School and the inventor of H20 Monitoring For All, an affordable low-power water quality monitoring system. Inspired by the critical absence of public water health information in his own community, his patent-pending design earned international and national honors including 3rd place at the International Invention Convention. Jack’s invention utilizes low-power embedded systems to create a water monitoring system that works with the ocean to provide high-frequency water insight to his community and beyond.

Youwei Zhen

Youwei Zhen

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Youwei Zhen is a passionate computer science student and invented PrivacySavior in response to the heightened privacy concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. This groundbreaking solution, designed to safeguard user privacy on computers, has earned a provisional patent and is currently pending further approval. PrivacySavior won first place at the NYC Youth Entrepreneur Academy and proudly represented the city in the National Saunders competition on live television.

Mary Borkowski

Mary Borkowski

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Mary Borkowski is a senior at Ursuline Academy of Dallas, and she is a Girl Scout of eleven years. She earned the highest honor in Girl Scouts through her Gold Award project, Bringing Joy through Sensory Toys. Mary led a team in creating over one hundred sensory tools for several organizations that aid autistic people in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Mary designed four different sensory tools and created YouTube video tutorials explaining how to make each one. Mary hopes to make sensory tools more accessible in her community and beyond.

Daniel Gil

Daniel Gil

Hometown: Acton, MA

Kits for Kids wind turbine sets were created in hopes of sparking scientific curiosity while raising awareness about sustainability. Inspired by his own hands-on experience with science materials, Daniel wanted underprivileged children to have the same opportunity to explore scientific innovation. With information and guides, he hopes to teach other students about keeping the world green in an enjoyable manner.

Emily Abrusci

Emily Abrusci

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Emily Abrusci is a Sophomore at UNH studying Environmental Conservation and Sustainability with a dual major in Ecogastronomy. Emily is a co-founder of Grey-t Water, a filter system designed to replace the freshwater that toilets use with greywater. Since greywater is water that has already been used in the home, the design is a recycling system to completely eliminate the use of freshwater in toilets. Through Grey-t, Water Emily hopes to combat the effects of water scarcity across America for a more sustainable future.

Josue Peralta de Jesus

Josue Peralta de Jesus

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Josué Peralta is a Co-Founder of Mexican American Studies Independent Students Taking Action (MASISTA). MASISTA seeks to advocate for the teaching, awareness and true representation of Mexican American Studies (MAS) Courses. MASISTA is composed of K-12 students throughout the city of San Antonio who have a passion for advocacy. With the help of MASISTA, Josue and his fellow Co-Founder, Summer Chapa, managed to bring back MAS to his school’s course selection for the 2023-24 school year using a petition that gained over 100 signatures from department chairs, staff, students and teachers.

Wanying Zhang

Wanying Zhang

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Wanying (Emily) Zhang is a rising freshman in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She founded Future For Her, a financial literacy and STEM mentoring program for middle school girls, where she hosts weekly workshops with underserved Philadelphia middle schools and facilitates summer camps open to girls worldwide. Past partnerships include the Philadelphia School District, the Lower Merion Library System, Bryn Mawr College, and TechGirlz. She is dedicated to empowering the next generation of women in business and STEM.

Leonora Royster

Leanora Royster

Hometown: Dayton, OH

My name is Leanora Royster from Dayton, Ohio, a proud U.S. Army Veteran returning to school and my major is Agriculture. I intend to teach sustainable urban gardening techniques to people living in our food desert(s). My goal is to lessen food insecurity, particularly in winter. My mobile aeroponic vegetable grow system is a potential game changer to lessen food insecurity in my community. My system is self-contained, energy efficient, and fits in a closet.

Lauren Forney

Lauren Forney

Hometown: Katy, TX

Lauren Forney is a freshman at Spelman College majoring in Health Science; pre-med track. She began her own Community Service Academy when she was 12 years old where she works alongside 26 other youths on projects to support our community. The Academy’s goal is to support the community through service, feed the hungry, encourage the elderly, assist the homeless and provide opportunities for the next generation of servant leaders.

Madylin McCommons

Madylin McCommons

Hometown: Ellwood City, PA

Maddy is a high school senior at Lincoln Jr./Sr. High School and her proudest achievement is the creation of her school club, KidsToo. As a child abuse survivor, she is determined to raise awareness for fellow child abuse survivors to bring a sense of unity and empowerment to the community. Her club conducts fundraisers to help support the local women’s shelter, raising over $2,000, and places child abuse prevention pinwheels and signs on the school lawns to show support outside of the school walls. Looking forward, Maddy is an aspiring family law attorney with the life goal of helping domestic child abuse victims and bringing reform to family court.

Ramandeep Saini

Ramandeep Saini

Hometown: Brampton, Canada

Ramandeep is a Canadian high school student who is deeply passionate about using technology for social impact. She founded an initiative called Cryptic Languages with the goal of delivering free programming to ensure marginalized youth gain the skills, resources, and empowerment needed to pursue STEM careers. She facilitates weekly STEM-based activities at a local women’s and children’s shelter, along with delivering virtual coding webinars and career panels for a global audience. In the future, she hopes to continue to expand Cryptic Languages to broaden its impact, and help diversify the STEM workforce.

Steven Li

Anna Kove

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Anna is a senior at West Career and Technical Academy in the Nursing program and expected to graduate with her CNA and pharmacology license. During her time at school, she was involved in HOSA and NHS collectively gathering over 500+ service hours during her time in high school. She is also president of Project Dot and also run the non-profit that advocates against period poverty and gender inequality in the Southern Nevada region. She represents a diverse group of over 500 non-binary, transmen, and women to collectively come together and advocate for a change to improve our overall community, while also securing grants for $10k to support her mission.

Steven Li

Steven Li

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Steven Li is a senior from Pasadena, California who’s interested in exploring the intersection between entrepreneurship and social good. At school, he’s the class President, Model UN President, Opinion Editor and Director of Finance for his school newspaper, and a Student Engagement Councilmember. Outside, he’s the CEO and founder of Project Talent Launch, a student-run 501(c)(3) partnering with businesses and community organizations to create internship opportunities for underserved high school students; every student who completes the program with a positive evaluation receives a $1000 educational scholarship. He’s fundraised nearly $60,000 for internship scholarships, cold-called thousands of companies and organizations, and secured sponsorships of Wells Fargo, Taco Bell, GoFundMe, and more organizations.

Jacques Calixte

Jacques Calixte

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Jacques is a junior premedical student at the University of Miami with a deep love for community service. After performing nearly 1000 hours at several organizations over several years, he decided to create a community service drive for Miami’s underserved areas dubbed ‘the 305 Give Back Drive’ in 2021. After a successful inaugural year leading executive teams in funneling fifty backpacks, dozens of back-to-school supplies, and hundreds of sanitation items from larger institutions into elementary schools, he secured the Racial Justice Grant from the University of Miami for its 2022 cycle. The grant is being used to expand the drive’s scale to include moving trucks, storage units, and more in order to have a growing impact. Future aspirations of this drive include a twofold plan to attack nutrition inequities in these same communities through food drives and guest lecturers on nutrition.

Aditya Mehta

Aditya Mehta

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Aditya is a senior at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, fascinated by the intersection of STEM and Business. In October 2021, he co-created Fibron, a super-sonic decelerator that enables the landing of spacecraft on Mars. The catch? It is eco-friendly and composed of natural materials to create a one-of-a-kind polymer. Having found computational success and begun prototype development, Aditya and his teammates have presented at the International Conrad Innovation Summit and hope to continue finding success in their start-up.

Arya Gurumukhi

Arya Gurumukhi

Hometown: Plano, TX

Arya is a student who engineered a way to improve upon the lithium-ion battery technology by creating a one-of-a-kind supercapacitor. This project is a game-changer for the future of energy storage, by introducing a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable energy storage device. Arya was awarded first place in both the regional and state science fair. She’s also passionate about environmental sustainability and hopes that through this project she can make an impact and find ways to preserve our habitats.

Lalitha Gunturi

Lalitha Gunturi

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

Lalitha is a teen who is passionate about education. In March of 2021, she founded CREATE Tutoring, a free education platform. Her mission is to help students create a brighter academic future for themselves by fostering healthy study habits, learning accelerated educational content, exploring personal interests through workshops, and overall finding an engaging relationship with education. She also uses CREATE to help empower girls in STEM and teach them about the world of coding. Lalitha could not be happier at how much of a success this organization has become.

Sarvnaz Ale Mohammad

Sarvnaz Ale Mohammad

Hometown: Ahvaz, Iran

Sarvnaz is a Grade 12 student from Richmond Hill, Ontario. Along with being the President of her school’s Social Justice Council, she co-founded her own technology project, ConchShell, with the aim to translate American Sign Language into spoken word. Her project won $16,500 in funding and gained recognition at science and technology fairs across the country. Passionate about engineering, social justice, and healthcare, Sarvnaz hopes to continue the project in university and discover new ways to innovate.

Jenna Grigsby

Jenna Grigsby

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Jenna designed and innovated a way to use the elements, such as water, in order to prevent frostbite by creating an exothermic reaction in extreme weather conditions. Rather than using harmful manufactured products to protect against the weather, she was able to use natural materials to my advantage to create heat. This project introduces a type of technology that can be expanded upon to solve more global environmental issues, and opens up a new realm for survival gear. Jenna was awarded first place in chemistry for the school science fair, an honorable mention at the regional science fair, and an individual award from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Jaisnav Rajesh

Jaisnav Rajesh

Hometown: Naperville, Illinois
School: Waubonsie Valley High School

Jaisnav Rajesh is a senior at Waubonsie Valley High School. Along with serving as his state’s DECA President, being a top-ranked high jumper, and conducting research at Fermilab, he is the President of WheelsForAll, a non-profit with the mission to provide every child with a bike. After collecting old bikes from his local community, Jaisnav and his fellow members repair them manually before donating them to disadvantaged students. Today, WheelsForAll has surpassed over 200 bike donations, tutored over 800 students during the pandemic, and helped over 2,000 families nationwide.

Kenny Ji

Kenny Ji

Hometown: Space Coast, Florida

Kenny Ji is a senior from Space Coast, Florida who has a strong passion for Music Therapy after learning of the effects. He founded MusicAAA, a nonprofit which brings Music Therapy to children with Autism. On the other hand, he is also the leader of MusicMDs, a nonprofit which brings Music Therapy to patients in hospitals. In 7th grade, he had the pleasure of performing at Carnegie Hall in order to raise money for Music Therapy for children with Autism. In 2021, he was selected as a Bank of America Student Leader and interned at Space Coast Health Foundation.

Taft Foley

Taft Foley

Hometown: Houston, Texas
School: Harvard University

Taft Foley III is a Harvard student, State Champion wrestler, Eagle Scout, and the youngest EMT in Texas history. In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mr. Foley created Texas Mobile Medical Labs (TMML); a COVID-19 testing business. His company travels to businesses and homes performing COVID tests with results in 15 minutes. For each paid test, he donates a free test to a veteran, elderly person, or individual who cannot afford a test. Mr. Foley is the youngest individual and first ever “non-doctor” to receive the WebMD Health Hero Award for Innovation in the Field of Medicine.

Andrew George

Andrew George

Hometown: Carrollton, Texas
School: Hebron High School

Andrew is a current senior at Hebron High School, located in Carrollton, Texas. He saw the need to start his Ear Savers initiative after he saw photos posted online during the pandemic of medical workers with open sores and lacerations on the backs of their ears. Being a young entrepreneur and engineer, Andrew has experience with 3D Printing in his own home, so he saw a need that he knew he could fill. He began printing the ear savers in the beginning of the pandemic, and throughout the pandemic, Andrew donated over 800 small plastic ear savers to multiple medical establishments including two hospitals that his family has become well aquatinted with over the years.

Harper Cunningham

Harper Cunningham

Hometown: College Station, Texas

Harper is in her senior year of high school in Texas. She saw a need when she was nine years old, and asked questions to see how she could help. Since that time her non profit, Books and a Blanket, has given out over 150,000 books and over 15,000 blankets to children in her hometown, area cities, and around the world. Harper was able to partner with businesses, community members, volunteers, and other non profits to reach as many children as possible and increase their access to books.

Zoey Duan

Zoey Duan

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
School: Punahou School

Zoey Duan is a current senior at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Propelled by her passions in public health advocacy and community service, she co-founded and led a state-wide vaccination assistance hotline initiative in Hawaii when she noticed that many disadvantaged groups in her community were facing challenges in accessing and navigating online vaccination resources. HawaiiVaxHelp thus aimed to act as a middleman to connect underserved individuals with local health organizations based on their needs. Partnering with several government and nonprofit organizations, the hotline initiative created a network of health and community agencies in a united push for public safety and equity. Since the creation of HawaiiVaxHelp, Zoey and her youth-based team have helped to complete more than 50 vaccination appointments and have answered hundreds of calls. She plans to continue pioneering efforts towards bolstering equality and inclusivity in public health through community initiatives and advocacy.

Eve Idusuyi

Eve Idusuyi

Hometown: Sacramento, California
School: Santa Clara University

Eve is a first-year at Santa Clara University. She is the co-founder and president of 34 Colors, a student-run organization that is focused on finding, isolating, and solving real-world problems. 34 Colors believes in access for all. Currently, 34 Colors project is located in Nigeria, Africa. We are solving the problem of hybrid and virtual education in Nigeria. 34 Colors believes that education is a necessity, not a luxury. The 34 Colors family come from diverse backgrounds, we are working towards a global outreach. Our ambassadors and volunteers are in 3 countries: Nigeria, Canada, and the USA. Our goal at 34 Colors is to travel the world to discover problems and to step up to solve problems.

Barnden Sorbo

Barnden Sorbo

Hometown: Burnaby, BC
School: Simon Fraser University

Branden Sorbo is a sixth year student at Simon Fraser University, in the Beedie School of Business. As an advocate for technology-driven change, he has engaged in varying degrees of CRM transformation facing the digital client experience, as well as 3+ years of project management (CAPM certified). Most recently he has completed a work term at Deloitte Digital. One of his key passions is giving back to the community, and is evident through his dedication of over 1,000 hours to various global initiatives like Enactus Canada. He took this passion to found his own social enterprise, Coastal Coasters, which upcycled unused wooden pallets that would’ve gone to landfills, and instead divert them to create aesthetic wooden coasters. This project won the PMI Wideman Foundation Vancouver award for most sustainable project in 2019, and motivates him to continue providing pro-bono consulting services. In recognition of these efforts, he was inducted into Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 Business and Leadership Awards Program.

Beatrice Joyner

Beatrice Joyner

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Bea Joyner is currently enrolled in the IDEPEL Program (Interdisciplinary Doctor of Education Program for Educational Leaders) at St. Joseph’s University. She describes her life’s mission as “Touching lives to improve our communities.” She is actively involved in preserving her “In Search of Knowledge” project which is based on her original photographs taken for over 50 years of successful of African Americans in a variety of fields through exhibits, workshops, and a TV show on PhillyCAM. As an author, she published two award winning books, “Don’t Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough!” and “A Taste of Things To Come.” Ms. Joyner documents Black Catholic life through her documentary and photo book entitled, “Oneness: A Black Catholic’s Journey.”

Nicole Gutierrez Munoz

Nicole Gutierrez Munoz

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Nicole is a first year student at the University of Winnipeg, Canada. She is the co-founder and CEO of Kusikay Voluntariado, an NGO that connects volunteer artists with kids and teenagers in vulnerable situations through free virtual classes which are framed in a syllabus to guide the development of skills and abilities. One of their main goals is to ensure that art becomes a tool that contributes to the learning process of children by helping them to enhance their creative, reflective, and critical thinking. So far with the work of more than 130 volunteers, they have been able to impact the lives of 310 students throughout Peru.


Hometown: Covina, CA
School: Covina High School

George Zhang is a current senior at Covina High School, California. Facing barriers towards engaging in environmental activism, he decided to establish an online platform for others to express their voice: Fridays for Future Digital. With a global team of over two hundred members, Fridays for Future Digital was able to engage tens of thousands into environmental and social justice. Moving forward, the organization hopes to continue to fight for our planet and spread its message that change can come from the most unexpected of places.


Hometown: Ibadan, Nigeria
School: Shawnee Mission North High School

OreOluwa Oni is a junior at Shawnee Mission North dedicated to service and education. Her commitment to providing underrepresented students with access to higher education led to the creation of the CORE College Advising Program. As an extension of their school’s Coalition of Racial Equality, OreOluwa and her partner developed the curriculum and implemented the program in all five middle schools in the district. CORE CAP focuses on mentoring eighth-graders and helping them navigate high school and make their way towards college.


Hometown: Westminster, CA
School: UC Irvine

Erin is a chemistry undergraduate at UC Irvine. Her passion for making STEM education more accessible inspired her to start a nonprofit, Theory of Joy. Theory of Joy provides the provincial poverty-stricken communities the resources the students need to have more time and energy to focus on pursuing their goals. Theory of Joy provided over 30,000 meals, built a school, and is currently building a water well. Through Theory of Joy, the trouble of walking miles to get water, studying under banana leaves, and hunger will be taken away from the community so students can focus more on their academic ambition.


Hometown: Scarborough, Toronto
School: McMaster University

Joy Xu is a second year student at McMaster University in the Health Sciences program with a passion for educational accessibility and healthcare. She’s dedicated to providing an equitable platform for students of all ages to transform their dreams into reality. She is the founder of STREAM Syndicate, the Felicity App, and many more where she presents at talks and major events across Canada to share insightful perspectives to the future generation. Additionally, she works tirelessly within diverse fields including research in rheumatoid arthritis and mental health. Joy aspires to bring change to the community and empower the community to strive towards achieving their optimal potential!


Hometown: Vancouver, WA
School: Union High School

Ashley Lin is a senior at Union High School in Vancouver, WA. She is the Founder & CEO of Project Exchange, an international youth-led nonprofit democratizing access to study abroad through digital technologies. Their flagship program, the Digital Exchange Program, is a free, 12-week virtual exchange that serves ~300 students from 35+ countries every cohort. Through a unique combination of language learning, cultural experiences, and the UN SDGs, Project Exchange is training the next generation of global citizens who will tackle the world’s most critical issues!


Hometown: Kamloops, British Columbia
School: Penticton Secondary School

My name is Manjot (Manny) Panghli. I am currently in grade 12. My project involved applying to #RisingYouth and securing a $750 grant which was used to purchase nonperishable food items for the local food bank which was struggling to provide enough food for local residents. I also printed flyers and hung them around my neighbourhood and collected 166 lbs. of food to donate to the food bank in Kamloops, which was struggling because of COVID and the lack of donations.


Hometown: Milton, Ontario
School: Wilfrid Laurier University

Rashaad Ishmail is an undergraduate Honours Business Administration student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He is the co-founder and web developer for Eyes of Our Lives, a student-run blog dedicated to helping other students navigate through their academic careers. The blog consists of articles on Student Life, Sports, Personal Growth, and some Tourism and Holiday related ones as well. Rashaad’s goal is to make the lives of other students easier using the knowledge he has gained and the experiences he has been apart of.


Hometown: Savage, MD
School: University of Maryland

Jenna is a freshman music education and biological sciences double major at the University of Maryland, College Park. She created a supplemental music program entitled Equality for Young Musicians, benefitting underserved, financially disadvantaged, and foreign-born students at Bollman Bridge Elementary School and Patuxent Valley Middle School in Savage, Maryland. Her three phase project included collecting 26 wind and orchestra instruments, recruiting her fellow Hammond High School band friends to provide free music lessons, and finally, she created a recruitment video to encourage middle school students to continue playing an instrument in high school.


Hometown: Quincy, MA
School: Deerfield Academy

Ellia Chiang is a senior at Deerfield Academy. She lives in Quincy, Massachusetts and is passionate about making education accessible to students around the world. She co-founded Outreach and Prep, a free, online educational platform that connects high school student volunteers with fifth to eighth graders for tutoring and mentoring sessions. So far, the program has held over 600 tutoring sessions and has students and volunteers from over four countries. Ellia hopes to continue impacting different communities and students around her.


Hometown: Logan, UT
School: Logan High School

Taylor Fang is a recent graduate of Logan High School in Logan, Utah. She is passionate about educational equity and gender representation in technology. In 2017, she co-founded Allgirlithm (, a global organization for girls and women in tech. Allgirlithm has since reached over 50,000 page views and club chapters in 62 locations around the world. Taylor also founded Girls Explore Tech (GET) in her own Utah community to encourage and inspire young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue tech fields. GET has directly impacted over 140 local Utah girls.


Hometown: Burlington, MA
School: Burlington High School

Matt Tengtrakool is a junior at Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts. He is an avid environmentalist and social entrepreneur who is dedicated to fostering positive societal changes. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt founded QuaranGreen,, a nonprofit organization that works to advocate healthy eating and habits during quarantine. Mobilizing 150 volunteers in 25 cities and towns, QuaranGreen has served over 2000 households throughout Massachusetts.


Hometown: Oroville, CA
School: Oroville High School

Forest Wong is a senior at Oroville High School in Oroville, CA. In 2016, she co-founded the North Valley InTune Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises money for foster children by performing music at local venues. With her foundation, she collaborated with school music teachers and the Oroville State Theater to form the annual Dream Big Music Festival. The festival, made in response to the dying arts community in Oroville, encouraged young students to learn music. Today, Forest continues to promote music education by teaching violin.


Hometown: Fullerton, CA
School: Troy High School

Jack Tian is a junior at Troy High School in Fullerton, California. He realized that a fun competition run by students would not only be a great way to introduce STEAM to participants, but also develop science and business skills for the volunteers. In 2019 he founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Aerovate, to inspire tomorrow’s scientists and entrepreneurs through competition. Aerovate has impacted over 2000 students, volunteers, and adults through its airplane competitions, fun lessons, and community service events. Aerovate has multiple chapters in California, Wisconsin, and Taiwan, with each chapter holding events that continue to empower students and their community.


Hometown: Austin, TX
School: Westlake High School

Melissa Khasbagan is a senior at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. In 2017, she traveled to visit her family in rural Inner Mongolia. She was shocked at the lack of resources for students learning English, so upon her return to the United States, she began collecting books. To continue her work long term, she established 1000 Books For, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides education and entrepreneurship resources to students in developing countries. Her youth-led organization operates in 9 countries, working with 400 teachers and impacting over 35,000 students.


Hometown: De Pere, WI
School: Notre Dame Academy

Caragan Olles is a senior at Notre Dame Academy who is dedicated to helping young dyslexic students succeed academically. In 2013, she founded the 501c3 nonprofit, Bright Young Dyslexics, with the simple goal of helping a few dyslexic students afford phonics based tutoring. In the past 7 years, she has exceeded her early goals by raising $190,000, directly impacting over 2,400 students and educating over 2,500 teachers about dyslexia.


Hometown: Bedford, MA
School: Bedford High School

Jordan Vinh is senior at Bedford High School with a passion for service. After a life-changing service trip to an orphanage in Mexico, Jordan co-founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called the Don Bosco Project, which raises money for the post-secondary education of the orphans. The organization has raised over $10,000 and have sent four young men and women to college, with two more to come this summer. You can learn more about the Don Bosco Project by visiting Jordan intends to study biomedical engineering in college so that he can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

Jesse Anderson

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
School: University of Maryland, College Park

Jesse Anderson is a sophomore at the University of Maryland studying bioinformatics and neuroscience. In school, she’s the president of the Women Who Code club, an active researcher in the human-computer interaction lab, a volunteer at her local emergency care center, and the co-president of UMD’s new club, Allied Nations of the Earth, which aims to identify and implement applications of information science and engineering techniques in health-related and environmental contexts. After her undergraduate, she intends to go to medical school to become a neurosurgeon so that she can continue to create innovative projects like Caring while giving her future patients the care, respect, and dedication that they deserve.

Jules Oringel

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
School: Providence High School

Jules Oringel is a high school senior dedicated to ending gun violence in American schools, homes, and community spaces. After losing someone in the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Jules founded Return Home Supplies. Return Home is a 501(c)3 gun violence prevention nonprofit that believes every student and teacher deserve to return home from school safely each day. Her organization sells school supplies with messages designed to spark empowering, educational conversations about gun violence prevention and civic engagement. Additionally, Jules has traveled across the country speaking to communities about gun safety, engaging more than 25,000 people. For more information about Return Home Supplies, visit

Aja Capel

Hometown: Urbana, IL
School: Urbana High School

Aja Capel is a 15-year-old Urbana High School senior who became the change she wanted to see. She was disheartened when she learned about the STEM gap, the disparity of women and minorities in STEM fields, especially engineering. As an African American girl roboticist and aspiring mechanical engineer she created her organization, See Me in STEM, to bridge the STEM gap. She believes you cannot be what you do not see. Her mission is to be visible, excite, engage and empower minority youth, especially girls to see themselves in STEM by providing access, exposure, and STEM opportunities to minority youth, especially girls. In her first year of serving her community, she cultivated eight community partnerships, won two grants and two national awards raising $9,800. She empowered more than 220 minority youth to see themselves in STEM by providing more than 880 hours of personal hands-on STEM experience. For more information about her and her organization, See Me in STEM, please visit

Ishita Aggarwal

Hometown: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
School: Queen’s University

Ishita is a public health professional and first-year medical student at Queen’s University. She has a keen interest in health and human rights, gender equality, and social sustainability. In April 2016, Ishita founded MOM’S THE WORD, a sexual and maternal health community organization. Presently, MTW has provided prenatal care to thousands of homeless and low-income pregnant women in Ontario, Canada.

Sofia Ongele

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
School: Fordham University

ReDawn is a mobile app and organisation, created by Sofia, built to put power into the hands of survivors of sexual violence. The mobile app serves as a platform to get 100% confidential advice in a conversational matter, with its primary functionality being a chatbot named Dawn. Aside from Dawn, the app connects survivors to local resources such as rape counselors and clinics, logs past incidents of abuse, and contacts emergency phone lines with the press of a button.

Kevin Tyan

Hometown: Bethesda, MD
School: Harvard Medical School

Kevin is a second-year MD student at Harvard Medical School. During the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, he co-founded Kinnos to develop infection prevention tools to protect health workers. He helped invent Highlight, an additive that colorizes disinfectants blue to ensure full coverage, and fades to clear to show when decontamination is complete. Highlight has been field-tested in Liberia, Guinea, and Haiti for the Ebola and cholera outbreaks, and is currently used by NGOs, laboratories, government agencies, and hospitals for training and routine disinfection.

Fred Koepp

Hometown: Odessa, TX
School: Adams State University

Fred is the host of The Teacher Recharge Podcast, the only podcast on the internet dedicated to helping teachers energize their week with strategies, inspiration, and comedy. The show just finished season one which included 33 fun and informative episodes and over 3,000 organic downloads. New episodes come out every Monday during the school year and strive to create a community of teachers who are passionate about impacting students and colleagues.

Reetam Ganguli

Hometown: Fremont, CA
School: Irvington High School

Reetam founded Junior Medical Academy (JMA), an international education nonprofit that teaches fundamentals of medical biology for disadvantaged students (K-12) to provide a solid STEM foundation. Find out more at

Alina Dong

Hometown: Houston, TX
School: Clear Lake High School

Alina Dong, a high school senior, started the A-Hope Community Performance organization initiative that merges music with volunteerism and youth engagement. Through the universal language of music, Alina organizes large-scale charity events including benefit concerts, volunteer performances, and fundraisers. Since 2015, her efforts have raised over $14,500 and impacted over 10,000 people.

Stephanie Quon

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
School: Eric Hamber Secondary School

Stephanie is a high school senior who started the Sprout-Save-Share initiative. This organization engages youth in projects focused on minimizing waste, such as collecting end-of-day produce to donate and encouraging others to be more aware of their plastic use.

Noah Covey

Hometown: Dunwoody, GA
School: Dunwoody High School

Noah collaborated on 50Fifty, a website that uses machine learning to generate predictions for U.S. elections at all levels of government — state legislatures, governorships, and Congress. The machine learning algorithm takes in data such as fundraising, past results, public polling, incumbency, and demographics, and the website displays its predictions in an intuitive format. Noah hopes that 50Fifty can make more people interested in elections and help citizens interested in political activism find the races in which their time and donations can have the greatest impact.

Betty Ngo

Hometown: Louisville, KY
School: DuPont Manual High School

Betty Ngo, a high school senior, initiated STEM+Youth Academy, a two-pronged educational program designed to spark underserved students’ passions for STEM. Her efforts have impacted nearly 200 middle-school students in the Louisville area who reported a 90% increase in participant interest to pursue STEM as a career and a 40% increase in performance on a baseline STEM assessment.

Grace Schuler

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
School: Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

People are more afraid of public speaking than they are of snake bites, flying, and even death. Grace wanted to change this norm and do so in a fun and interactive way, so she developed the free, public speaking training program Speak Out! for Title I middle schoolers.

Kristen Postiglione

Hometown: Ringoes, NJ
School: Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Kristen, a current senior in high school, created, promoted, and manages a LinkedIn Mentorship site for STEM. The growing site helps to connect 70+ high school students with college and corporate professionals in the field.

Yohan Kim

Hometown: Carrollton, TX
School: University of North Texas Health Science Center

Yohan, a 3rd year medical student, helped found his school’s Infectious Disease Interest Group to empower students to address various infectious diseases, especially through free community health screenings, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Nicole Balbuena

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
School: University of California, Irvine

Nicole founded the mentorship organization “Healthy Emotions and Attitudes in Relationships Today (H.E.A.R.T.) has provided mentorship and support to approximately 80 or more low-income youth in the Orange County area. In 2018, the H.E.A.R.T. launched the Cross-Cultural Health and Individual Learning Development (C.H.I.L.D.) project that aims to cultivate cultural awareness in the lives of at-risk youth through interpersonal communication and positive mentorship.

Aditya Ramachandran

Hometown: Lisle, IL
School: Naperville North High School

After experiencing the devastating effects of flooding, Aditya designed, tested, and created a device to combat basement flooding across the Midwest.

Sophia Greenwalt

Hometown: Reeds Spring, MO
School: Drury University

Sophia founded the Helping Hats Program to fundraise for various charities and needs in her community, raising over $70,000 over the last seven years.

Dorian Hollingsworth Jr.

Hometown: Bronx, NY
School: Bronx Early College Academy

Dorian created The Teen Care Network, an online community that advocates against bullying and teenage suicide.

May Wang

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
School: Yale University

Founded in 2014 by Vivian Wang and May Wang, Linens N Love is a nonprofit organization that collects pillows, bed sheets, towels, blankets, and more from franchise hotels. Linens N Love supports many charities and strives to improve the lives of homeless families, dogs and cats in shelters, abused women, struggling families, and more.

Kathleen Coen

Hometown: Staten Island, NY
School: Notre Dame Academy High School

Kathleen created SteerClear, an app created to attempt to alleviate the social pressures of parties and to help users find free and safe designated drivers home.

Vilmarie Ocasio

Hometown: Conway, SC
School: Coastal Carolina University

Vilmarie is an advocate for MS and Cancer prevention and has received numerous awards for raising awareness within her community.

Nicole Steiner

Hometown: Parker, CO
School: Emory University

Nicole is the founder and president of two community service programs, A Game for You, and A Journal for You, and has provided a gift for over 8,500 people in need.

Cole Scanlon

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
School: Harvard College

Cole co-founded the edtech nonprofit to help students in underperforming schools have an equal opportunity to attend college.

La-Chelle Dickenson

Hometown: Towson, MD
School: Towson University

La-Chelle created La A.M.I.D. to educate and advocate for underrepresented minorities in the dance world.

Natalie Hampton

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA
School: Oakwood School

Natalie created a free lunch-planning app called Sit With Us to help combat bullying and make communities more warm and welcoming.

Cheyanne Perry

Hometown: Easley, SC
School: North Greenville University

Cheyanne created a series of blog projects called Hospital Princess to connect people and mentor others about overcoming adversity.

John Baldwin

Hometown: Plantation, FL
School: South Plantation High School

John created an inexpensive device to collect data about gas exchange in wetland ecosystems.

Shyanne Massie

Hometown: Wasilla, AK
School: Wasilla High School

Shyanne partnered up with the RFK Mat-Su camp to help make each camper’s birthday experience special.

Leisha Armijo

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
School: University of New Mexico

Leisha has developed a green chemistry procedure for the synthesis of a novel magnetic material, a key component in supporting the growth of EV’s and other devices.

Albert Appouh

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
School: Rutgers University

Albert founded a nonprofit organization, Newark Cares, which seeks to directly address the most serious social, healthcare, and educational problems facing low-income residents and homeless citizens in Newark, NJ.

Campbell Weyland

Hometown: Pewee Valley, KY
School: Lafayette College

Campbell developed a composting plan using struvite crystals for his school’s cafeteria foodwaste. His project was a consideration of how he could enhance the nutrient value of compost; he has presented at various local, state, and national conferences.

Whitney Scott

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
School: West Los Angeles College

Whitney established Nice Girls Club, an organization based off of a book series she authored, to help young girls develop compassion and understanding for their peers through group readings and discussion.

Sharon Lin

Hometown: New York City, NY
School: Stuyvesant High School

Sharon founded BitxBit Camp in 2015 in order to provide opportunities for for underprivileged students to learn computer science. BitxBit Camp has since expanded nationwide into a school-year online mentorship program and has ultimately garnered a network of over 1000 students and educators.

Sydney Stepney

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
School: Benjamin E. Mays High School

After seeing the success of her science experiment, Sydney decided to expand her project to help develop three more aquaponic systems for her community and has partnered with her school’s food provider to help grow fruits and vegetables for students of the Atlanta Public School community.

Josh Kaplan

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

School: Rancho Solano Preparatory School

In an effort to keep up with our ever-evolving digital world, Josh Kaplan developed a patent-pending prototype of a keyboard called the BrailleBoard designed to allow both the blind and visually impaired to comfortably use handheld technology.

Madison Badrawi

Hometown: Rogers, MN

School: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Madison Badrawi was inspired by a young girl’s story and with the help of her school and community, organized a 5k fun run, a dinner benefit, sold T-shirts, and held a rally, raising over $95,000 for Juvenile Batten’s Disease research.

Sanzio Angeli

Hometown: Midlothian, VA

School: Clover Hill High School

Sanzio Angeli partnered up with his good friend Dylan and broke the world record for most number model rockets launched simultaneously, successfully launching 3,973 rockets and raising over $20,000 for breast cancer research.

Mary Grace Henry

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

School: Convent of the Sacred Heart

Mary Grace Henry created her foundation, Reverse The Course, and has raised over $80,000 in an effort to help empower the young women in Kenya, Uganda, Paraguay, and Haiti through education. Reverse the Course, along with its collective partners in different countries, has supported 45 girls and paid for 115 years of education to date.

Lauren Maunus

Hometown: Palm City, FL

School: South Fork High School

Lauren Maunus is a bright, motivated, young woman who has spearheaded a campaign to comprehensively label food allergens in her school district. She was invited to testify in front of the House Sub-Committee on Education on this topic, and continues to raise awareness for food allergies as well as other activism.

Matthew Kaplan



Matthew Kaplan is a high school senior in Phoenix, Arizona with a passion for social activism. He is the creator of The Be “Open to New Experience” (Be O.N.E.) Project, a community building and anti-bullying prevention program for middle school students.