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LA Tutors 123 provides premier preparatory services for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, GRE, GMAT, CSET and, TOEFL tests, as well as private academic tutoring in a variety of subjects, including math, science, English composition, literature, and language. Our tutors are located throughout the Los Angeles, South Bay, and San Fernando Valley areas and offer structured, private, in-home tutoring and academic consultation that’s been personalized to meet each client’s needs.

Our Los Angeles tutors are available to not only assist students in a variety of subject areas, but to provide the mentoring that creates a love of learning and long-term academic success. At LA Tutors, we provide LA’s top-rated review for the test preparation subjects, designed to give students the tools to develop speed, accuracy, and attention to detail.

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ISEE Prep for Students with Disabilities: 2 of 2

ISEE Prep Can Be Stressful

ISEE Prep Can Be Stressful

If you are the parent of a student with a disability, registering for the ISEE is a task in itself. Part I of this post discussed the unique requirements and characteristics of the ISEE, along with the process of applying for accommodations. Once a student is registered, however, there is an even bigger task ahead: preparing for the test. There are several steps all students, including those with learning differences, can take to prepare to do their best on the exam: 1. Start preparations early This is good advice for any test taker, but it’s especially important for students with a learning disability and/or ADHD. If a student tends to get overwhelmed during the year, consider starting preparations the summer before he or she takes the test. 2. Practice the pacing and duration of the test For many students, the ISEE is the first test where the time limit matters. While other tests are designed to give most students time to comfortably finish each section, even high-achieving students can have trouble finishing certain sections of the ISEE on time. Though practice materials are limited, it’s a good idea to obtain a couple practice tests so students can develop a pacing strategy. For example, students who have been taught to underline and make notes on a reading passage—a great strategy for a class text—might find that they run out of time when trying to apply this to the ISEE Reading Comprehension section. The length of the test is also challenging. Many standardized tests in school are administered with only one or two sections per day. The ISEE requires students to sit for 2 ½-3 hours and complete five test sections with only short breaks in between. It’s especially important for students with learning differences to practice the prolonged concentration the test demands. WARNING ABOUT EXTENDED TIME: While extended time can be helpful for many students with learning disabilities, it also means a longer test. If the student is taking the paper version of the ISEE, this means every student in the extended time room must wait until the extended time is up for each section. If a student has difficulty staying focused and tends to burn out by the end of the test, extended time may hinder the student more than it helps. Completing a practice test under both the regular and extended time limit can help determine whether extended time would be helpful or not. 3. Prepare with accommodations in mind If accommodations are granted, the student can incorporate them into test preparation. For example, during practice tests, allow for the time the student will receive (usually 150% for extended time), not the standard time. On the other hand, if accommodations are not approved, it’s extra important to practice under test conditions so the student gets used to what that feels like. 4. Focus on both content and test-taking strategies Focusing on vocabulary, reading comprehension, and math concepts will help students in school as well as with test preparation.  Many parents report that their child’s academic achievement improved after preparing for the ISEE. It’s also helpful, however, to learn test-taking strategies specific to the ISEE. For many students, the ISEE is the first test where strategies, such as using process-of-elimination to make a better guess, can make a big difference in their scores. 5. Work to improve strengths as well as weaknesses While the focus of test preparation is often on the weaker sections, a student should also focus on his or her strong subjects. Don’t assume that because a student gets good grades in a certain subject it will automatically translate to a good test score. The ISEE questions are probably different from what students are used to seeing in school, so even a strong academic subject deserves attention during test prep time. 6. Remember that a test score is just a test score
ISEE Prep Can Be Stressful

ISEE Prep Can Be Stressful

It’s important to find the private school that is the best fit for the student, and the ISEE is only one part of the application process. So students should have confidence in themselves and feel co ...
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