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Our Satisfied Clients

“I was never a good student. Never taking my scholastic achievement seriously I sat in the back of every class both physically and metaphorically. It was only at the beginning of my senior year at Beverly High that I began taking my grades and my life seriously. With the SAT around the corner and college apps not far behind I decided to illicit the help of LA tutors. While I was too late to change my fate in high school I went into Santa Monica College inspired, ready to take on the challenge. With the help of LA tutors I was able to actualize my potential; finally able to overcome the difficulties I had with math and science the once C average student was able to achieve a 4.0 GPA and admission to UCLA …”
David D., Sophomore at Santa Monica College
“Test taking was not my strong-suit. If it wasn’t the pressure that got to me, it was over analyzing questions, or collapsing under the weight of what seemed like endless motorization. LA Tutors helped me pinpoint specific areas of materials that I needed to hone in on, as much of educational content is buried in “fluff” per-say. The SAT always scared me a little bit. They brought my SAT scores from a low 1600 to a solid 1950. I personally could not believe the jump in my score after just a few weeks of sessions. It definitely beat those month after month boot camps. I had personal tutors that came to my home, on my own schedule, I also found it to be cheaper than most other services like its kind …”
Austin G., Freshman at Hofstra University
“My longtime dream has been to get into my top choice university; Harvard. I knew that my focus had to be on achieving an outstanding SAT score. I chose LA Tutors to help me with SAT Prep and couldn’t be happier with the results. My tutors, Matt and Cheryl, were not only the most knowledgeable about SAT strategies, they were also the most wonderful people I’ve ever worked with and kept me focused. My score jumped 370 points directly due to the help of LA Tutors!! going from 1780 on my first diagnostic test (570 reading, 510 writing, and 700 math) to scoring a 2150 on my actual SAT!! (650 reading, 710, writing and 790 math). Their amazing tutors showed me how to not only increase my strengths, but how to improve …”
Jingxiu J., Senior at Belmont High School
“LA Tutors rocks!!! Deja’s total score increased 110 points with only 5 additional hours for the December test! That’s a total 240 point increase with 30 hours … in spite of Deja’s busy schedule!! Before selecting LA Tutors, I researched many other companies. I selected LA Tutors because they had the cheapest rates that I found. And, I was also impressed by the fact that they made no false promises or score “guarantees.” Well … 30 hours and 240 points later, I am so pleased in the investment that I made. Her increased score was key to her receiving a Presidential Scholarship at Xavier University in Ohio, the school she will be attending in the Fall of 2014!! Thank you LA Tutors for working with Deja and …”
Sonjia W., Mother of Deja at St. Mary’s Academy
“Ms. Watson helped me to increase my overall grade point average. In my English class I was failing, but after receiving help from Ms.Watson, I now have an A average in that class. For Economics, Ms.Watson helped my grade from an F average to a B/C average. She taught me a lot about general information for my core classes in addition to what I need to know for my tests and she keeps me on task. Ms.Watson has become more than a tutor, she has become my academic mentor. Now I have techniques and skills that help keep me focused and prepared in high school as well as college. I was so proud to have earned better grades in these classes for my senior year and I have Ms.Watson and my parents to thank for their …”
Yasmeen A., Senior at Mira Costa High School
“I worked with LA Tutors to help me prepare for the ACT, and I couldn’t be happier. I worked with Negin, who was very helpful and extremely patient with me. Before I started working with Negin, I was averaging about a 30 on the ACT, but by the end, she helped me bring my score up by three points. Everyone at LA Tutors was helpful, even Arash, who consistently checked up on my progress and kept in touch with my parents and myself. Overall, I would definitely recommend working with LA Tutors and Negin to increase your test scores …”
Kamran R., Senior at Notre Dame High School