Arjun A.


I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, and spent most of my time since middle school either playing or creating video games, including efforts to engineer a robot army to take over the world! After exploring multiple majors during college such as mechanical engineering and physics, I ultimately found a passion for computer science and in particular for autonomous robotics. This passion has led to my current career as a software engineer at a self-driving car company (think fast moving robots). My current hobbies include PC gaming, traveling, and watching classic movies.


I have tutored students for over eight years, beginning as a teaching assistant for a game design course even as a high schooler. I also tutored math and physics, including for SAT subject tests, in my free time. While in college, I was a tutor for the core computer science class Data Structures and the Fundamentals of Computing, and was even recommended by the Department Chair to be a peer tutor on multiple occasions. My favorite tutoring experience was when I was selected to be the lead teaching assistant for the graduate level Autonomous Robotics class, allowing me to mentor many students and develop skills with online tutoring via Zoom.


Throughout my undergraduate and graduate education, I have personally found that the best way to grasp a subject matter is through explaining it to someone else and actively discussing new concepts. As such, my teaching style focuses on developing a back-and-forth relationship that creates as much room for discussion and interaction as possible. In addition, I prefer to take an understanding-based approach that emphasizes understanding programming concepts and problem-solving, rather than pure memorization

Arjun A.