Anthony N.


After graduating with my Master’s in Philosophy from Brandeis University outside of Boston, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my Ph.D. at UCLA’s Department of Political Science where I am now a Ph.D. Candidate. I hope to stay in academia and continue to do what I love most: inspire students to achieve all they can. When I am not tutoring, teaching at UCLA or conducting my own research, I love traveling, basketball, and hiking.


One aspect of my time in education that has made me a better tutor is that I have worked with students at many different levels of our education system. I spend much of my time with undergraduate students in college, which I believe has given the students I tutor a new perspective that better prepares them for their entrance exams, hones their written skills, and prepares them for success in higher education. During this time, I have tutored and taught various subjects from AP Government and Politics, AP US History, AP World History, Philosophy, Debate, Humanities, and College Admissions. I endeavor to impart my breadth of experience to my students to provide a broader perspective on their subject matter. I have been tutoring in Los Angeles and Boston for a combined ten years and I have served as a Lecturer and Teaching Apprentice for undergraduate courses at both UCLA and Brandeis University.


I tailor my teaching style to the specific needs of each student and their goals. I strive to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student in order to create a long-term plan for the achievement of their goals. I believe students learn better when they are engaged in their studies, so I always try to foster an enjoyable atmosphere. Along with the achievement of a student’s individual aims, if I can do my part to help instill the values of a lifetime of learning, I believe a student will be set for future success.

Anthony N.