Andrew S.


Originally from New York City, I graduated from New York University before attending Rutgers University, where I would earn a Master of Science in Global Affairs and write a thesis on the application of ethics in a counterinsurgency campaign. Then, just prior to moving to Los Angeles and becoming a tutor, I worked for an international political-development non-profit. These days, I continue to pursue these interests while also developing my career as a music producer and composer.


I have extensive experience specializing in ISEE, SAT, ACT, and GRE in classroom and one-on-one settings. My experience has equipped me with a keen understanding of why someone might struggle with a concept, and I recognize that many standardized tests are as much about process as they are about content. I even try to help my students maintain focus while managing time. I also understand that a huge part of successful learning is psychological, and will even assist students with managing their stress and anxiety levels. My students generally see an overall 4 point increase in the ACT or a 100-150 point increase on the SAT and PSAT. I have also tutored students in a range of subjects from elementary Math and English up to college level AP & Honors US History, and more.


I work by learning about a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and approach sessions with a level of openness and honesty. I try to make sure my sessions are full of energy, communal participation and good humor, and am always willing to go out of my way to assist a student in their understanding. However, I also expect a similar level of dedication from those I am trying to teach.

Andrew S.