I am a Southern California guy, calling Riverside my hometown and soaking in the California sunshine for most of my life. I attended public school, graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology to pursue a medical career but instead caught the teaching bug since I had a knack for explaining difficult concepts to others in a relatable way. When I am not teaching, I enjoy sports and am a big foodie.


I have been a private in-home tutor for that past ten years, mainly catering to students who attend private school in the Southern California area. I have expertise in K-12 math and science up to the AP level and standardized test preparation for the SAT I, II, and the ACT. A few of my past students have gotten perfect scores in SAT Biology, Chemistry, Math Level 2, and ACT Math and Science.


Because of my extensive experience, I can tailor my teaching style to any student’s learning style, thus offering a comfortable way for a student to understand difficult concepts. However, my teaching style is relaxed and deductive. I try to give students an opportunity to figure out an answer to a problem on their own by asking guiding questions. Students tend to improve their academic performance when they realize that they just need to adjust their approach to difficult concepts.