Claire F.


I am originally from the Midwest (Cleveland, Ohio!) and I began my teaching career with Teach for America after graduating from the Ohio State University. This led me to California, first the Bay area, and now LA. When I am not tutoring, I love the outdoors and going to the beach, as well as my passion for dance. I also teach Irish dance!


I have 5 years of experience as a 4th grade Humanities classroom teacher, 4 years of experience as an Instructional Coach for Reading/Literacy teachers, and 2 years of administrative experience. Though I am a California licensed teacher for all subjects in grades K-8 and enjoy tutoring all ages, I am highly specialized in Humanities and STEM for Grades 3-5. I have 5+ years of expertise with reading and writing comprehension. Throughout the majority of my teaching career with Rocketship Education, I led and managed 2 classrooms of 60 students: resulting in student growth of 2.2 years/year, exceeding the network goal. I received the recognition of having the highest 4th grade student data out of 1,000+ teachers across 27 Rocketship Schools in the U.S. I have consistently worked with special needs, different learners, and students with behavioral issues. After moving up to administration, I really missed my 1-1 connections and seeing the confidence and growth built in my students, so I am ecstatic to be teaching/tutoring again!


I believe that the teacher/student relationship is the most important thing and the foundation for lasting learning and growth, no matter the concept or subject, so this is #1 for me. I take a metacognitive, conceptual, and process-focused approach to closing student’s gaps. This requires finding the student’s misconception and instilling the key knowledge and skills to apply to future and built-upon concepts, not just ‘skill & drill’. Not every student has the same way of learning, and this is why it is important to always hold a rigorous and high bar for all of my students, while simultaneously meeting them where they are.

Claire F.