Nicole R.


I am a Southern California native from sunny San Diego. After high school, I attended California State University Monterey Bay and lived in the Bay Area for ten years. While there, I worked for the Monterey Peninsula and San Francisco school districts, tutoring and teaching for various educational programs. After working with students for many years, I moved back to Southern California to attend the University of Redlands to obtain a California State Teaching Certificate. Currently, I am working towards a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. I enjoy learning new things (right now, piano), reading, and any creative project I am not teaching.


Over my 20 years working with students of all ages, I have developed a repertoire of teaching strategies and attended many pieces of training to perfect my craft. After teaching at an elementary school for almost a decade, I have developed a tutoring path to success for my students. The critical aspects of creating a successful way are developing student rapport, building self-esteem and confidence through scaffolding content, and integrating other essential life skills while tutoring (socioemotional and executive functioning skills). Unfortunately, since COVID, many students are a year behind in their learning. However, I am proud that the students I have tutored this year are approaching grade level and will soon perform at and beyond grade level.


Throughout my training using various reading and math curriculums and experience working with students of all ages and backgrounds, I have developed a teaching pedagogy that promotes success. My pedagogy is not lecture-based. Instead, it involves developing a rapport and mutual respect with the student, creating fun and engaging methods of teaching content while catering to students learning styles.

Nicole R.