Raghav M.


I’m a California native, hailing from the picturesque Bay Area. My love for technology and mathematics led me to pursue my academic journey at UC San Diego, where I earned my B.S. in Mathematics – Computer Science. Currently, I’m continuing my educational path with a M.S. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech in the bustling city of Atlanta. Outside of my academic pursuits, you’ll often find me enjoying a good game of sports, traveling to new places, or delving into a thrilling book.


I’ve dedicated several years to tutoring more than 50 students, focusing on preparing them for college and high school exams. My students consistently achieve impressive score improvements, and I have a strong background in subjects such as computer science, physics, and mathematics.

In addition to my academic expertise, my work experience at Workday and my published paper set me apart as an industry professional. These experiences provide unique insights that enrich my teaching approach, giving my students a valuable perspective beyond their coursework.


As a teacher, I prefer to employ a method that closely mirrors coursework and tests, but with an added emphasis on critical thinking. I find it essential to provide students with real-world examples and problems that challenge their analytical skills. Additionally, I like to use mock exams to ensure that students can perform consistently under exam conditions, helping them build confidence and excel in their assessments.

Raghav M.