Rachel D.


Growing up in St. Louis, Santa Barbara, Florida, and New Hampshire, I quickly learned how to adapt to new school environments and teaching styles. I buried myself in the consistency of math that always stayed the same, no matter the state. Eventually, I majored in Mechanical Engineering only to pursue acting in Los Angeles after graduation because what else would I do with a Mechanical Engineering degree?


I grew up tutoring my peers and classmates, and have been a tutor with LA Tutors 123 for over 5 years. It first started in first grade when my teacher asked me to help the students who were behind because I consistently finished our classwork early. The excitement of getting another person to understand what I did fueled me to continue tutoring through high school and college in a wide range of material including Precalculus, Statistics, Intro to Engineering and AP Chemistry. I have also taught reading to kindergartners through fifth graders, and specialize in math ranging from elementary school level math to Calculus.


I believe that confidence is half the battle. I teach every student to believe in themselves and that they can learn anything they put their mind to. The rest is figuring out the specifics of the student’s learning style and catering to that way of thinking!

Rachel D.