At LA Tutors 123, we believe that it’s more than just the grades that make a great well-rounded student. Each one of you is creative in his or her own way: some of you blog; others curate documentary photography on Instagram; still others find imaginative ways to solve problems in their public and private lives. Creativity is the air each one of us breathes, but sometimes we get so concerned with grades that we forget that imagination is our natural problem solver.

One way to showcase your creativity is to innovate either by solving a problem, by designing something that helps others solve problems, or by enhancing our relationship with whatever matters to us. Innovation is what brings our technical skills and our hopes together in unique ways.

It also provides opportunities for gaining real-working experience in a chosen field, and gives students the chance to connect with adults outside their circle who might be able to help students get into their top choice college or get an internship. In the end, innovation makes people look at the bigger picture, which is the best preparation for college and for life.

We at LA Tutors are passionate about sparking the creative genius in students and would love to commend those outstanding students who have a made a difference in the lives of others in some innovative or technological fashion. In order to achieve this, we have established a scholarship for students who meet certain criteria.



Must currently be enrolled as a high school or college/university student within the United States or Canada.


Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (or the equivalent).


Must be a citizen of, permanent resident of, or hold a valid student visa in the United States or Canada.


Must have designed an innovative project that makes a difference in the lives of others (This could be a website, series of blogs, an app, fundraising event, etc.)


Must submit an essay describing the goal of the particular project and provide supporting documentation.


The essay, idea, or creation must be the applicant’s original work.


All submissions must be uploaded no later than 11:59 pm PST on the 20th of each month. The submission window closes starting the 21st and will reopen on the 1st at 8:00 a.m.


Scholarship winners will be contacted via email and must respond within five(5) days of the date of the email to accept the award. If no response is received within this time, another recipient will be selected.


  • Upload an essay, letter of recommendation, and photo of yourself before submitting the application by clicking the Upload Scholarship Documents button and uploading files all at once. All of the following documents must be included:

    • Essay - The essay should describe the goal of the particular project and provide the link to access the content such as the blog, app, etc. (if applicable). Word or PDF format only.
    • Letter of Recommendation - The letter should evaluate the quality of the work. Word or PDF format only.
    • Your Photo - The photo should be one taken during project execution. JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF format only.
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    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
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Ishita Aggarwal

Hometown: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
School: Queen’s University

Ishita is a public health professional and first-year medical student at Queen’s University. She has a keen interest in health and human rights, gender equality, and social sustainability. In April 2016, Ishita founded MOM’S THE WORD, a sexual and maternal health community organization. Presently, MTW has provided prenatal care to thousands of homeless and low-income pregnant women in Ontario, Canada.

Sofia Ongele

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
School: Fordham University

ReDawn is a mobile app and organisation, created by Sofia, built to put power into the hands of survivors of sexual violence. The mobile app serves as a platform to get 100% confidential advice in a conversational matter, with its primary functionality being a chatbot named Dawn. Aside from Dawn, the app connects survivors to local resources such as rape counselors and clinics, logs past incidents of abuse, and contacts emergency phone lines with the press of a button.

Kevin Tyan

Hometown: Bethesda, MD
School: Harvard Medical School

Kevin is a second-year MD student at Harvard Medical School. During the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, he co-founded Kinnos to develop infection prevention tools to protect health workers. He helped invent Highlight, an additive that colorizes disinfectants blue to ensure full coverage, and fades to clear to show when decontamination is complete. Highlight has been field-tested in Liberia, Guinea, and Haiti for the Ebola and cholera outbreaks, and is currently used by NGOs, laboratories, government agencies, and hospitals for training and routine disinfection.

Fred Koepp

Hometown: Odessa, TX
School: Adams State University

Fred is the host of The Teacher Recharge Podcast, the only podcast on the internet dedicated to helping teachers energize their week with strategies, inspiration, and comedy. The show just finished season one which included 33 fun and informative episodes and over 3,000 organic downloads. New episodes come out every Monday during the school year and strive to create a community of teachers who are passionate about impacting students and colleagues.

Reetam Ganguli

Hometown: Fremont, CA
School: Irvington High School

Reetam founded Junior Medical Academy (JMA), an international education nonprofit that teaches fundamentals of medical biology for disadvantaged students (K-12) to provide a solid STEM foundation. Find out more at

Alina Dong

Hometown: Houston, TX
School: Clear Lake High School

Alina Dong, a high school senior, started the A-Hope Community Performance organization initiative that merges music with volunteerism and youth engagement. Through the universal language of music, Alina organizes large-scale charity events including benefit concerts, volunteer performances, and fundraisers. Since 2015, her efforts have raised over $14,500 and impacted over 10,000 people.

Stephanie Quon

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
School: Eric Hamber Secondary School

Stephanie is a high school senior who started the Sprout-Save-Share initiative. This organization engages youth in projects focused on minimizing waste, such as collecting end-of-day produce to donate and encouraging others to be more aware of their plastic use.

Noah Covey

Hometown: Dunwoody, GA
School: Dunwoody High School

Noah collaborated on 50Fifty, a website that uses machine learning to generate predictions for U.S. elections at all levels of government — state legislatures, governorships, and Congress. The machine learning algorithm takes in data such as fundraising, past results, public polling, incumbency, and demographics, and the website displays its predictions in an intuitive format. Noah hopes that 50Fifty can make more people interested in elections and help citizens interested in political activism find the races in which their time and donations can have the greatest impact.

Betty Ngo

Hometown: Louisville, KY
School: DuPont Manual High School

Betty Ngo, a high school senior, initiated STEM+Youth Academy, a two-pronged educational program designed to spark underserved students’ passions for STEM. Her efforts have impacted nearly 200 middle-school students in the Louisville area who reported a 90% increase in participant interest to pursue STEM as a career and a 40% increase in performance on a baseline STEM assessment.

Grace Schuler

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
School: Our Lady of Good Counsel High School

People are more afraid of public speaking than they are of snake bites, flying, and even death. Grace wanted to change this norm and do so in a fun and interactive way, so she developed the free, public speaking training program Speak Out! for Title I middle schoolers.

Kristen Postiglione

Hometown: Ringoes, NJ
School: Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Kristen, a current senior in high school, created, promoted, and manages a LinkedIn Mentorship site for STEM. The growing site helps to connect 70+ high school students with college and corporate professionals in the field.

Yohan Kim

Hometown: Carrollton, TX
School: University of North Texas Health Science Center

Yohan, a 3rd year medical student, helped found his school’s Infectious Disease Interest Group to empower students to address various infectious diseases, especially through free community health screenings, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Nicole Balbuena

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
School: University of California, Irvine

Nicole founded the mentorship organization “Healthy Emotions and Attitudes in Relationships Today (H.E.A.R.T.) has provided mentorship and support to approximately 80 or more low-income youth in the Orange County area. In 2018, the H.E.A.R.T. launched the Cross-Cultural Health and Individual Learning Development (C.H.I.L.D.) project that aims to cultivate cultural awareness in the lives of at-risk youth through interpersonal communication and positive mentorship.

Aditya Ramachandran

Hometown: Lisle, IL
School: Naperville North High School

After experiencing the devastating effects of flooding, Aditya designed, tested, and created a device to combat basement flooding across the Midwest.

Sophia Greenwalt

Hometown: Reeds Spring, MO
School: Drury University

Sophia founded the Helping Hats Program to fundraise for various charities and needs in her community, raising over $70,000 over the last seven years.

Dorian Hollingsworth Jr.

Hometown: Bronx, NY
School: Bronx Early College Academy

Dorian created The Teen Care Network, an online community that advocates against bullying and teenage suicide.

May Wang

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
School: Yale University

Founded in 2014 by Vivian Wang and May Wang, Linens N Love is a nonprofit organization that collects pillows, bed sheets, towels, blankets, and more from franchise hotels. Linens N Love supports many charities and strives to improve the lives of homeless families, dogs and cats in shelters, abused women, struggling families, and more.

Kathleen Coen

Hometown: Staten Island, NY
School: Notre Dame Academy High School

Kathleen created SteerClear, an app created to attempt to alleviate the social pressures of parties and to help users find free and safe designated drivers home.

Vilmarie Ocasio

Hometown: Conway, SC
School: Coastal Carolina University

Vilmarie is an advocate for MS and Cancer prevention and has received numerous awards for raising awareness within her community.

Nicole Steiner

Hometown: Parker, CO
School: Emory University

Nicole is the founder and president of two community service programs, A Game for You, and A Journal for You, and has provided a gift for over 8,500 people in need.

Cole Scanlon

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
School: Harvard College

Cole co-founded the edtech nonprofit to help students in underperforming schools have an equal opportunity to attend college.

La-Chelle Dickenson

Hometown: Towson, MD
School: Towson University

La-Chelle created La A.M.I.D. to educate and advocate for underrepresented minorities in the dance world.

Natalie Hampton

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA
School: Oakwood School

Natalie created a free lunch-planning app called Sit With Us to help combat bullying and make communities more warm and welcoming.

Cheyanne Perry

Hometown: Easley, SC
School: North Greenville University

Cheyanne created a series of blog projects called Hospital Princess to connect people and mentor others about overcoming adversity.

John Baldwin

Hometown: Plantation, FL
School: South Plantation High School

John created an inexpensive device to collect data about gas exchange in wetland ecosystems.

Shyanne Massie

Hometown: Wasilla, AK
School: Wasilla High School

Shyanne partnered up with the RFK Mat-Su camp to help make each camper’s birthday experience special.

Leisha Armijo

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
School: University of New Mexico

Leisha has developed a green chemistry procedure for the synthesis of a novel magnetic material, a key component in supporting the growth of EV’s and other devices.

Albert Appouh

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
School: Rutgers University

Albert founded a nonprofit organization, Newark Cares, which seeks to directly address the most serious social, healthcare, and educational problems facing low-income residents and homeless citizens in Newark, NJ.

Campbell Weyland

Hometown: Pewee Valley, KY
School: Lafayette College

Campbell developed a composting plan using struvite crystals for his school’s cafeteria foodwaste. His project was a consideration of how he could enhance the nutrient value of compost; he has presented at various local, state, and national conferences.

Whitney Scott

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
School: West Los Angeles College

Whitney established Nice Girls Club, an organization based off of a book series she authored, to help young girls develop compassion and understanding for their peers through group readings and discussion.

Sharon Lin

Hometown: New York City, NY
School: Stuyvesant High School

Sharon founded BitxBit Camp in 2015 in order to provide opportunities for for underprivileged students to learn computer science. BitxBit Camp has since expanded nationwide into a school-year online mentorship program and has ultimately garnered a network of over 1000 students and educators.

Sydney Stepney

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
School: Benjamin E. Mays High School

After seeing the success of her science experiment, Sydney decided to expand her project to help develop three more aquaponic systems for her community and has partnered with her school’s food provider to help grow fruits and vegetables for students of the Atlanta Public School community.

Josh Kaplan

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

School: Rancho Solano Preparatory School

In an effort to keep up with our ever-evolving digital world, Josh Kaplan developed a patent-pending prototype of a keyboard called the BrailleBoard designed to allow both the blind and visually impaired to comfortably use handheld technology.

Madison Badrawi

Hometown: Rogers, MN

School: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Madison Badrawi was inspired by a young girl’s story and with the help of her school and community, organized a 5k fun run, a dinner benefit, sold T-shirts, and held a rally, raising over $95,000 for Juvenile Batten’s Disease research.

Sanzio Angeli

Hometown: Midlothian, VA

School: Clover Hill High School

Sanzio Angeli partnered up with his good friend Dylan and broke the world record for most number model rockets launched simultaneously, successfully launching 3,973 rockets and raising over $20,000 for breast cancer research.

Mary Grace Henry

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

School: Convent of the Sacred Heart

Mary Grace Henry created her foundation, Reverse The Course, and has raised over $80,000 in an effort to help empower the young women in Kenya, Uganda, Paraguay, and Haiti through education. Reverse the Course, along with its collective partners in different countries, has supported 45 girls and paid for 115 years of education to date.

Lauren Maunus

Hometown: Palm City, FL

School: South Fork High School

Lauren Maunus is a bright, motivated, young woman who has spearheaded a campaign to comprehensively label food allergens in her school district. She was invited to testify in front of the House Sub-Committee on Education on this topic, and continues to raise awareness for food allergies as well as other activism.

Matthew Kaplan



Matthew Kaplan is a high school senior in Phoenix, Arizona with a passion for social activism. He is the creator of The Be “Open to New Experience” (Be O.N.E.) Project, a community building and anti-bullying prevention program for middle school students.



The winning project will be judged on the basis of its creativity, innovation, and user experience. Some of the questions that will guide judges’ selection are the following: Does the project solve a problem, and if so, how persuasively does the applicant present his or her point of view? Does the project aim for originality, or does it repeat what’s already available?

After the 20th of each month, all entries will be reviewed by the panel of three judges.


The applicant of the winning project will receive a one-time scholarship of $500, which may be applied to the following school-related expenses: tuition, fees, books, and on-campus room and board. The scholarship winner will be contacted via email at the address provided and must respond within five(5) days to receive the award. Scholarship funds are provided by LA TUTORS 123 and will be paid via mail to the winning applicant.

Submission of Materials

All entries must be entered using the official LA TUTORS 123 Innovation Scholarship submission form, which can be accessed above. No other forms of submission will be accepted. All essays must be written in English, and poorly composed submissions will be disqualified. Submissions must be uploaded in either a Microsoft Word or PDF format. Personal information submitted will be used solely for the purpose of awarding the scholarship and to announce the winner on the LA TUTORS 123 website. LA TUTORS 123 reserves the right to publish content from the submitted essays themselves.


Current LA TUTORS 123 employees or their immediate family members are not eligible to apply. Please read additional criteria listed above.


LA TUTORS 123 does not use the information provided in the scholarship application to create listings. If the winner fails to contact LA TUTORS 123 within five(5) days of receiving the initial award email or fails to follow all submission and criteria rules, LA TUTORS 123 reserves the right to award the scholarship to the second place finalist. LA TUTORS 123 also reserves the right to feature the pictures of all winners with their school affiliations.