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The CHSPE, or California High School Proficiency Exam, is a standardized test administered two to three times a year by the California Department of Education. It is for students who would like to explore alternative options for their education and professional life. The test measures students’ skills in the language arts and mathematics. Passing both sections earns a student a Certificate of Proficiency, which is the equivalent of a high school diploma.


IMPORTANT: The CHSPE is changing! Per the CHSPE website, beginning July 2023, the CHSPE will be shifting to the GED® and HiSET® testing formats, which includes an online testing option. The final testing date for the current paper-based test format will be on June 18, 2023. Currently, the CHSPE has three sections of testing: mathematics, reading comprehension, and language arts. You will need to pass any remaining sections of the test prior to the July 1, 2023 transition. If you have not yet earned a Certificate of Proficiency before the July 1, 2023 transition, you will need to begin the testing process again by taking the new test series; sections and subtests previously passed in the current test series will no longer be valid.


Students who are under 18 can take the CHSPE to gain the equivalent of a high school diploma. This might be necessary if you are in entertainment or competitive athletics and cannot fit in a regular school curriculum at the same time as your other responsibilities. Other students take the CHSPE because the high school environment just isn’t a good match for them and are looking to attend a community college or university without the typical high school requirements. See our blog post What is the CHSPE? And Should My Kid Take It? for more info.


The CHSPE is a 3 hour 30 minute exam, consisting of two sections: English Language Arts and Mathematics. The English Language Arts section has two subtests (Language and Reading) as well as one Writing task.

CHSPE Test Section # of Questions and Types Content Timing
ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: READING SUBTEST 54 multiple-choice reading comprehension

30 multiple-choice vocabulary


Reading comprehension: Initial Understanding; Interpretation; Critical Analysis; Strategies


Vocabulary: Synonyms, Multiple-meaning Words, Context Clues

Student is responsible for managing testing time.


Language mechanics: Capitalization; Usage; Punctuation


Language expression: Sentence Structure; Prewriting; Content and Organization

Student is responsible for managing testing time.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: WRITING TASK 1 expository essay Writing proficiency and student’s ability to address the subject Student is responsible for managing testing time.
MATHEMATICS 50 multiple-choice Number Sense and Operations; Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra; Data, Statistics, and Probability; Geometry and Measurement Student is responsible for managing testing time.

The CHSPE is a paper-based test administered in California on select dates throughout the year. As of current, students are allowed to take the test as many times as they want until they have received a Certificate of Proficiency. The CHSPE will undergo changes after the June 20, 2020 test which may affect this re-taking policy.


The CHSPE does not deduct any points for an incorrect question. This means that you should not leave any questions blank on the test. With the test’s time being managed by the student, pacing and timing are crucial. Your tutor will help you master these skills.

The CHSPE measures passing by the successful completion of both sections. Please see the table below.

Score Type Scaled Score Range Details
ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: READING SUBTEST 250 – 450 Must be 350 to pass

If your writing task score is 2 or lower, you cannot pass.

If your writing task score is 2.5, your multiple-choice score must be at least 365.

If your writing task score is 3, your multiple-choice score must be at least 350.

If your writing task score is 3.5, your multiple-choice score must be at least 342.

Passing this section is a combination of your Language multiple-choice scores and writing task scores.
MATHEMATICS 250 – 450 Must be 350 to pass


The test allows a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes to be used. The sections and related subtests are not confined in time in any way; students are responsible for managing their use of time throughout.


The CHSPE allows students to choose which sections and subtests (if not all three) they take on test day. Students may choose to take only the Mathematics section, only the English Language Arts Language subtest (including the Writing task), only the English Language Arts Reading subtest, or any combination thereof. To pass, students must both the Mathematics section and English Language Arts section (i.e. passing both subtests).

Students do not have to retake a section or subtest that they previously passed through the 2022 calendar year. CHSPE has announced that they will be updating the June administration will be the last time a student can take the current version of the CHSPE. Students who have not passed all three sections by then will be required to retake all sections of the new CHSPE. Previously passed sections will not carry over to the new format of the test.For up-to-date information, please see CHSPE’S Official Website


Below are official test dates for the CHSPE 2022-23 season. We will be updating this page once 2022-2023 registration deadlines are confirmed.

Please be advised these dates are subject to change due to COVID-19 related postponements. To view CHSPE’s official release of test dates, please reference this link.

Official results are typically mailed 5 weeks after the test. Unofficial scores are generally posted online a few days prior to being mailed.

2022-23 Test Dates Registration Deadline Official Results Mailed
October 4-16, 2022 opens August 2022 November 25, 2022
February 21-March 5, 2023 opens December 2022 April 14, 2023
June 13-18, 2023 *opens April 2023 July 31, 2023

*This registration date is an estimate only.


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