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1. Do I need to take the CHSPE?

The CHSPE is a high school equivalency test, so passing this test is the same as getting a high school diploma. You may want to take the CHSPE if you would like to be move forward with your career without having to worry about your high school requirements. You may also want to take the CHSPE if you want to skip high school and go straight to a community college like Santa Monica College or Pierce College.

2. What’s the difference between the CHSPE and GED?

The GED is a nationwide test and is typically limited to those 18 years or older. The CHSPE, however, can be taken by any California student 16 years or older who will have completed 10th grade by the end of the semester in which he/she sits the test. For more info, check out our CHSPE vs. GED blog.

3. How many sections/subtests does the CHSPE have? 3

  • Reading
  • Language
  • Mathematics

4. How long is the CHSPE?

3.5 hours. No part of the exam is timed within the 3.5 hours, so you can spend as much time as you like on any portion of the test until the testing session ends. Because of this, timing and pacing can be very important when taking the CHSPE.

5. Can I take the CHSPE more than once?

Yes. You can take the CHSPE as many times as you would like.

6. What is a passing score?

350 for the Math section and Reading subtest. The passing standard for the Language subtest is a combination of your multiple choice and essay (see table).

Essay Score Multiple Choice Score
2 or lower You cannot pass.
2.5 365
3 350
3.5 342

7. Where do I find CHSPE practice tests?

LA Tutors offers diagnostic and full length practice tests. To request a practice test to take at home, contact us here: Free Diagnostic Tests. You can also take practice tests at home with our free proctored videos, where a recorded proctor will time your sections, announce remaining time, and coordinate breaks: Proctored CHSPE Practice Test Videos

Personalized Game Plan

Below is an example of four individualized curricula we offer for CHSPE test preparation.


2-5 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students who want an CHSPE crash course in test-prep strategy, would like to focus on one section of the CHSPE, are looking to make short-term gains, or have limited time.


5-10 Weeks Prep Time

Ideal for students close to their target score who want basic help on the CHSPE essentials, or extensive tutoring on one to two sections.


2-4 Months Prep Time

Ideal for students who want a comprehensive review of the entire CHSPE test, including test-taking strategies, and are looking for a significant score increase.


3-5 Months Prep Time

Ideal for students who want extensive help with the entire CHSPE test, including test-taking strategies and all academic content, and are looking to maximize their score increase.

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