Gavin L.


Growing up on the mean streetz of the OC, I learned early on never to back down from a fight, and thus became the notorious kingpin of my local jungle gym. However, I soon grew tired of all the noogies, Indian burns, and overall shot-calling to keep my minions in line. Renouncing my gangsta ways, I decided to put smiles on people’s faces other than purging them. This somehow led to a career in teaching and acting.


I have been teaching/tutoring since 2007 in three different countries including the US, South Korea, and Thailand. Thus, I am well aware of the competition and academic prowess one must possess in order to matriculate into the top schools. Many of my students have gone from failing to As and Bs, and have had exemplary improvement in their preparatory test scores, including the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, CHSPE, etc.


I strongly believe that without rapport between a student and teacher, said student will find it harrowingly difficult to improve his or her scores. Strong, interpersonal relationships with my students have facilitated their desires to learn and ultimately reach their academic endeavors.

Gavin L.