Katherine F.


I am an educator, mother, and writer. I hold an M.A. in Special Education from George Washington University and a B.A. in Government from Claremont McKenna College. Originally from Long Beach, California, I did my share of traveling—including two years in the Peace Corps in Jamaica—before settling down in Los Angeles fifteen years ago. When I’m not tutoring, I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my husband and young daughters.


I am an experienced and versatile educator with eight years of full-time classroom teaching and hundreds of hours of tutoring experience. I have taught elementary, middle, and high school, have worked with special education, gifted, and twice-exceptional students, and have experience with public, independent, and charter schools. I have found that with hard work and an individualized approach, every student is capable of making significant leaps in academic achievement.


I especially enjoy one-on- one and small group tutoring because I have time to get to know each student and deliver instruction to meet his or her needs, as the same approach doesn’t work for every student. For test preparation, I make an individualized timeline for each student to map out how they can go from their baseline to their goal score by test day, including the homework and practice tests they need to do between sessions. After each practice tests, we reassess the plan and adjust it as needed. I am familiar with the Common Core standards and teaching methods, and I have utilized various programs and resources including Words Their Way and research-based reading intervention programs. I believe parents are partners in their children’s education and I make sure to update them after each session and listen to their feedback.

Katherine F.