Kassandra J.


I graduated with a Master’s in Mathematics, with an emphasis in Statistics from Purdue University. As a former Midwesterner, I’m very much a dog-person who enjoys hiking and watching live music. Because I have always been soft-spoken, I took improv to improve my public-speaking skills, and the hobby led me to comedy writing, teaching, and performing–on occasion. Within the field of mathematics, I love proof-writing–especially within Real Analysis–which is why I often love tutoring Calculus and Trigonometry (intro. to proof writing!) the most.


For over a decade, I have been tutoring individuals of all levels—working in college math-tutoring centers, tutoring math independently from elementary through college-level abstract mathematics, including standardized-test prep, and working as a teaching assistant (teaching recitation, holding office hours, and administering exams). After teaching to classes of 70+ students, I view one-on-one tutoring as the most effective means to help a student catch up, advance, and build confidence.


Although memorization is at times necessary for math, many formulas may be derived quickly with a stronger understanding of the material. A lot of abstract math is explaining how algebra, geometry, and calculus work, so my grad-level mathematics courses give me an advantage in teaching. My goal is to help students understand how and why the applied math is working, to help them better retain the material in the long run. The most rewarding experience to me is seeing a students’ joy in realizing they understand the material and have confidence in their own abilities: that “Aha!” moment.

Kassandra J.