Gray W.


I was born in Atlanta, GA and grew up in Richmond, Virginia before moving to Los Angeles. For my undergraduate studies, I attended the University of Virginia on a Jefferson Scholarship and majored in Political and Social Thought, receiving a cumulative GPA of 3.96. When I’m not tutoring, I’m writing music, playing guitar, or reading a good book.


As a high school student, I started a summer-reading and tutoring program called R.E.A.D. for unprivileged students, collaborating with teachers at a local elementary school. In college, I volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, tutoring in English and Math. Since moving to Los Angeles, I have tutored in everything from Edgar Allen Poe to exponential functions. I have worked with public, private, and homeschool students of all ages, helping them build confidence, score well on tests, and develop a deep understanding of their work.


I always try to approach whatever I am working on with a student by tailoring my approach to their particular strengths. For example, with students that are auditory learners, I help them with memorization and oral organization techniques, while with students who are visual learners, I help them come up with creative presentation strategies, infographics, and writing exercises. Because of my own creative outlets, I try to be flexible and inventive with all of my students.

Gray W.