Greg C.


I grew up in an area called Harrison Township Michigan. I was in the United States Army for 4 years. I was stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. While I was serving in the Army, I took classes at the University of Alaska and received a degree in General Science. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I began working with people one on one for fitness and health while I was in the Army. I met a lot of soldiers who needed to lose weight and build muscle so they could stay in the Army. I have lived in Los Angeles for 2 years now. I moved here from Brooklyn, New York. It was time to get away from the cold weather. I enjoy reading, hiking, and playing soccer in my free time.


I began training people in the Army. I was assigned to work one on one with soldiers who failed to meet the Army’s physical fitness requirements. My passion for helping people in fitness and health grew as I seen the progress my clients made. I have been working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach at Equinox Beverly Hills for the past two years.


I specialize in weight loss and muscle building. I believe in focusing on mastering the basics and creating healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle. Working out should be challenging but fun so people can stay consistent.

Greg C.