Hong Nhung N.


I came to the United States at the age of 9 and grew up in Orange County, CA. I attended UCLA for an undergraduate degree and chose Biochemistry because I enjoyed both chemistry and biology in high school. In 2023, I graduated with an M.S. in Biomedical Science. During my free time, I like to play with my family dog “Blue” and go to the beach. I enjoy traveling, especially walking around to absorb the liveliness of the space. I like spicy food, and rarely drink coffee.


As a volunteer Vietnamese teacher, I taught kids of all ages for more than 7 years. During the quarantine period, I became an organic chemistry tutor at Golden West College when all learning was done remotely. Using zoom, I conducted two main review sessions before each exam, one reviewing material and one for deliberate practice. One class broke the testing average record for a well-known difficult unit. In addition, I’ve done no-charge peer tutoring for classmates who struggled in my MBS program. Classmates went from D average to B average on exams; one classmate received her first A on an exam. My main goal is to provide support to the best of my capabilities.


I believe that a strong rapport is essential to instill a “growth mindset” and self-efficacy in a student. By teaching students to see the bigger picture, learning the little details becomes more meaningful and engaging. My goal is to make difficult concepts simple, bite size pieces.

Hong Nhung N.