Eunice L.


When not busy exercising my special tutor superpower to save students from the pitfalls of misplaced modifiers and forgotten constants of integration, I like to meditate, do yoga, perform musical theater, hike, DIY, and read.


I’ve been teaching/tutoring a wide variety of subjects and levels and backgrounds since 2011! I’ve taught abroad in South Korea, working with international students from all over the world, including India, the U.K., China, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few. I’ve taught the little ones at Mathnasium and C2 Education, as well as the college and adult students at UCLA and Pierce College. Because I studied bioengineering, a very interdisciplinary major, I am qualified to teach all math and science subjects, and being a reader and writer at my very core, I’ve blossomed my passion for literature and teaching into an expertise in tutoring verbal and reading comp.


I am all about co-creating learning. In my teaching, I prioritize active listening and students having a say in creating the best environment for their learning. I want students to feel at ease in our sessions and take responsibility for their own education.

Eunice L.