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If you’re planning on applying to an independent or private school, you’ve probably heard about the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) or the HSPT and may have a few questions.

Which test should I take?
The ISEE is a common entrance exam used by many K-12 independent schools. The HSPT is a common entrance exam used by many Catholic high schools. If you’re applying into grades K-8, you’ll most likely take the ISEE if the schools you’re applying to require it. However, when applying into 9-12, some schools accept both the ISEE and HSPT for admissions. Check out our infographic below to see which test is right for you.

When should I start studying?
You should identify your top schools at least a year before the application process begins. Once you know which schools you’re interested in applying to, take an ISEE and/or HSPT diagnostic test with us! Some students need 6-8 months to reach their target scores while others may already be within their prospective school’s range. Sign up to take a diagnostic test here.

Where can I find more information?
Preparing for the ISEE or HSPT and knowing what’s involved can be a stressful process. Use our infographic below to help you understand the most crucial components of both tests. Looking for more K-12 test prep info? Check out our blogs for articles on pacing practice, school admissions tips, and much more.


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