I Didn’t Get Into My Dream School…Now What?

I Didn’t Get Into My Dream School…Now What?

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This guest post was written by BHHS College Counselor Casey Rowley. 

It’s college acceptance time and as the decisions roll in (for better or for worse), there is something worth noting. Students often feel as if their future has been altered if they don’t get into their dream school. As a college counselor, I hear this question all the time…I didn’t get into my dream school, now what? What do I do? Remember this…

You decide your future. Your college does not.

Your college admission decision does not define your sole purpose in life. Furthermore, it does not put the final seal on your fate as you begin your future. It does not dictate your success. It does not show you the experiences you cannot fathom to see in the years to come. Like meeting a friend at the coffee shop as your studying for your computer science course…and that friend happens to be the friend you’ll create a start-up with in your Junior year of college. It doesn’t show you where you’ll be living in 10 years as you start making your way through a career (that you maybe never even knew existed). It doesn’t dictate your narrative. Because YOU define that. Your choices. Your decisions. Your interests. Your passions. Your values. Your core. Your hard work. THESE are the things that define you.

So if you’ve heard from all of your colleges and…well…the decision wasn’t what you expected…give yourself this little reminder. You write your narrative. Wherever your dorm is. Wherever you take class. Wherever you go.




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Casey Rowley is the College Counselor for Beverly Hills High School, serving over 1400 students, grades 9 through 12. Through connecting with her students and thoroughly understanding the admissions process, she has helped thousands of students discover and matriculate successfully into college and universities throughout the country and internationally.  For more resources, stories, and encouragement, please visit www.collegecounselorrowley.com.

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