Comprehensive Analytics

After analyzing your baseline performance, your LA Tutor will identify your target areas of improvement. Some students may struggle with fundamental concepts while others need help with testing strategies or specific question formats. With your tutor’s expertise and our directors’ support at your disposal, the CSET prep process is boiled down to a simple step-by-step process that anyone can follow!

Hand Picked Tutors

You will be matched with a CSET tutor who specializes in the areas you need most. Your hand selected tutor will help you learn the concepts in the subject areas you struggle with most, in a manner that complements your personality and learning style. Our tutors have, on average, 5-10 years of experience tutoring for the CSET as well as a proven track record of success helping aspiring teachers pass the CSET. Having successfully helped hundreds of clients pass the Multiple and Single Subject CSET, our veteran tutors are the finest CSET instructors that Los Angeles has to offer.

Anthony S.
Cal State University, Long Beach
M.A. in English Rhetoric

As a lecturer and staff instructor at CSULB, Tony is able to apply his extensive experience to better help his students. He has personally helped dozens of educators pass their CSET multiple-subject and single-subject exams and consistently receives the highest praise from his clients.

Guaranteed Results

With LA Tutors by your side, you have every resource you will ever need by your side. Over the past decade, nine out of ten clients pass their CSET exam after only 3 months of preparation! In fact, we are so confident that you will be happy with your results that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. *

Personalized Game Plan

In dialogue with you, our Director will lay out several possible courses of study. Each will involve a tailored approach to subject scores, coaching goals, and levels of technological integration. Once we design a plan that gets you excited and inspired, then we can get down to work. Below is an example of four personalized curricula we offer for CSET tutoring.

Express Course

10 Hours of Instruction
  • 1 Full-Length Practice Test
  • 1-3 Weeks Prep Time
  • Ideal for students who only need a refresher course, only need to focus on one or two major concepts, or have limited time.

Standard Course

20 Hours of Instruction
  • 2 Full-Length Practice Tests
  • 2-6 Weeks Prep Time
  • Ideal for students who need help on the essentials, need extensive tutoring on one or two subtests, or moderate help on a single-subject subtest.

Recommended Course

30 Hours of Instruction
  • 3 Full-Length Practice Tests
  • 1-3 Months Prep Time
  • Ideal for students who want tutoring for the multiple-subject test, or extensive help a single-subject

Comprehensive Course

40 Hours of Instruction
  • 4 Full-Length Practice Tests
  • 2-5 Months Prep Time
  • Ideal for students who need
    extensive help with the entire multiple-subject test, or two single-subject

* Restrictions apply. Please call for more details.