Best Study Strategies for the GMAT

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The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized assessment test that many master degree programs require applicants to take. Business schools in particular use the GMAT to determine entry into their accounting and finance programs. Today, the GMAT test is conducted in 110 different countries. Follow these tips for studying in preparation for the…

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Should I Take the SAT or ACT?

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Preparing for college can be stressful and demanding. After all, college isn’t all about frat parties and cheering on the basketball team – you have to show some level of academic success in order to be accepted. Knowing that you have a looming standardized test doesn’t help when it comes to your anxiety, either. Most…

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5 Study Tips for GRE Success

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Over 700,000 people take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) every year. The test is computer-based and the difficulty of the questions is based on your previous answers. The better you perform, the more difficult the questions become. This unusual method of testing makes it difficult for students who haven’t prepared to succeed. The GRE tests…

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Testing Out of High School

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Testing out of high school is a topic that more students are considering at some point during their careers, either through the GED or through a state level proficiency exam (ex. CHSPE). To address the important factors in this decision, Huffington Post held a discussion in their Huffpost Live format, and LA Tutors 123/Fortune Tutors’…

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5 Questions with Linda Abraham

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Started by Linda Abraham in the early 1990s, grew out of an editing service working with college students in West Los Angeles. Linda discovered she was repeatedly asked to edit personal statements for grad school. She realized that if she applied journalistic techniques to the personal statements she was editing, she could help applicants make their stories engaging,…

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