Christina D.


I recently moved to Los Angeles from Chicago where I am continuing my teaching degree. I am currently teaching 5th grade at Notre Dame Academy Elementary. Prior to my teaching degree I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I got a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I then got a job as a permanent substitute at a Junior High in my hometown. This position required me to take over teachers’ classrooms and run the lesson plans while supporting students. I had a desire to build relationships with the students by asking them questions, tutoring them and coaching the boys’ soccer team as well. I then got a job as a Reading interventionist and 6th grade math teacher. This allowed me to work with primary and intermediate grades to build their foundational skills, comprehension skills, and phonics.


I learned to build lesson plans and relate the instruction to the standards that needed to be met. On the side I tutored a few families from the ages K-6th grade. I designed lesson plans that aligned with their knowledge and skill level with the goal of improving their skills to meet the required guidelines for their grade and pushing them to succeed in the past to prepare for future skills they will learn.


I am continuing my passion for students by opening my knowledge and skills in a new atmosphere and at a grade level I have not yet taught. I am eagerly trying to find families to tutor for every day after school as well as the weekends to enhance students’ skills and build relationships academically and interpersonally. I should also add I have my masters with a middle grades endorsement which gives me the qualifications to be a middle school tutor as well. I can teach all subjects and am determined to help make your child grow in all ways whether it be with a specific subject, study skills, confidence, and social skills!

Christina D.