Evangeline A.


I’m a lover of all things learning. A life-longer learner and educator, my passion for this endeavor comes from growing up in one-too many countries (Kuwait, India, UAE, USA, Brazil, Mexico) and being surrounded by different ways of living life. I was born in Kuwait, but live in Long Beach (which I now consider my hometown). I got my bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Consumer Behavior from the University of Southern California and have been teaching languages for 10+ years. When I’m not tutoring, I’m either teaching Indian Classical Dance or performing at events. I’m also a huge fan of cooking cuisines that take hours and feeding them to my friends.


Being educated in various different educational systems across different cultures has allowed me to learn what sticks and what doesn’t. I’ve tutored at USC, and at various elementary, middle and high schools in the LAUSD district, all the while fine-tuning my own tutoring approach. I mostly tutor languages- Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and English and on occasion, the ACT and SAT verbal sections (English and Reading). My Spanish-language students have gone from failing grades to A’s in their classes, increasing their confidence in their own ability to master the language.


My approach to tutoring is to build a trusting relationship with my student, while nurturing them to unlock parts of themselves that hold them back from grasping concepts and “making a mistake”. I believe in kindness and compassion for each of my student’s learning process, and my specialty lies in learning how my student learns, and using those tools to make our lessons fun, engaging, interactive and free of the stress that comes with “getting things right”. I make our classes personal, where what we learn is relatable to their personal lives so they have a personal investment and association with the language topics. I’ve found that when I hold space and give my students the time they need to fully integrate a concept, they feel confident that they can and indeed do master and remember whatever it is we’re learning.

Evangeline A.