Aline S.


I am from Brazil. Music has always been a big part of my life, and in my teenage years I decided to learn how to play an instrument. I first started with the guitar and then I learned other instruments like the Piano and the Bass Guitar. I knew then that I would devote my life to music, so I went for a College Degree in Music: Choir and Orchestral Conducting and Composition. After my Bachelors in Brazil, I came to the United States and earned a master’s degree in Orchestral Conducting from the Azusa Pacific University. I have conducted several groups like the Orange County Symphony, California Philharmonic and Stavanger Brass Band among others. When I am not performing or tutoring, I am studying new languages and spending some quality time with my Bird: Teddy


I am an eternal learner. I am constantly discovering new courses and challenging myself. I understand the challenges of learning something new, something you’re passionate about and the expectation of accomplishment. I have been tutoring for over a decade, during this time I’ve helped young people to prepare to apply to a Music University and also to better understand Music History and Theory while in College, I’ve helped a caring father, who had never played the piano before, to play and sing at his daughter’s wedding, I’ve helped young musicians to play, achieve their goals and play the chords, groove and style with their rock, pop or church band. I am committed to my students in finding a path to learn the skills to fulfill their musical dreams.


I apply the Paulo Freire Philosophy in my teaching style: “Each student should play an active role in their own learning, instead of being the passive recipients of knowledge.” Music students have a voice, music means something to them, as a teacher, I thrive to help them to find that voice and how to express it through their singing, playing, composing or arranging.

Aline S.