Ben P.


I’m born and raised in Studio City, California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Minors/Certificates in Journalism, Addiction Science and Multicultural Studies. I’m passionate about teaching students and guiding them to be the most successful that they can be. When I’m not tutoring, I love to hike, go to the beach, cook, play basketball and video games with my friends and spend time with my family and my dog!


In college, I spent two and a half years assisting 400 students and training/mentoring new tutors at the Mizzou Writing Center. At the University, I’ve helped English Second Language students complete their homework assignments, prepared graduate students to apply for jobs and everything in-between. My work with students covers all subjects, especially those with writing involved: English, Psychology and AP courses like Environmental Science and US History. Many of my students go on to improve their grades on exams and essays and get accepted to their dream schools and jobs!


Relationships are the foundation of any tutoring session, as building a genuine relationship is the only way I can guide students toward academic success. My goal as a tutor is for students to become more independent learners and thinkers beyond the assignment we are working on. I patiently ask open-ended questions and provide guiding advice to unlock the confidence and ability they already have, improving their performance on all school related assignments.

Ben P.