David B.


I am a didactic mercenary from the snowy wilds of rural Wisconsin. I hold a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education, and a BA in Spanish, Philosophy and extracurricular activities from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Which I will remind you of at least once a week). When I’m not teaching, I enjoy anime, video games, making digital artwork, dungeons and dragons, and kung fu fight scenes.


I bring to the table a plethora of experiences as a full time teacher, substitute, and tutor. I have a decade’s worth of test prep experience and have taught a little bit of everything as a substitute teacher. I specialize in SAT/ACT prep and high school math up to Algebra 2. If you’re lucky I might teach you the sign language word for “bacon!”


I try to make things fun for my students and myself, tuning analogies to fit student interests, cracking jokes about Iowa, and making occasional Spongebob references.

David B.