Deshana B.


I was raised and still live in NYC, so some hobbies I’ve grudgingly acquired are couponing, standing in line at Whole Foods, and competing in the 100m dash to the nearest subway. Voluntary hobbies include language learning, yoga, and raising my plant children. I enjoy putting my various skills to use by volunteering!


I attended college as a pre-health student, but the signs that it was not my calling came early and strong. My first job when I was a teenager was as a tutor, and then I tutored at NYU’s Expository Writing Center for three years. Plausible deniability went out the window once I worked as a curriculum designer and student success coach in both the public and private school systems. Now I have safely hung up the white coat and am pursuing my teaching degree. I still love tutoring, and I continue to do it because it gives me the opportunity to focus on individual students and have real conversations with them. I have taught hundreds of students of all ages, but I specialize in test preparation for 7-12 grade, which includes the ACT, SAT, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, SHSAT, and entrance exam for Hunter College High School, which I attended.


My first priority is to put students at ease. Learning is hindered in an uncomfortable environment, and virtual lessons are no exception. Due to my personable and outgoing nature, I have had great success with quiet, reserved students, as well as those who need more motivation. I prefer a Socratic teaching style—first I equip students with the tools, then I encourage them to do the speaking and figure out a plan of attack for each problem. Since they will take their exams independently, I encourage independence from the start.

Deshana B.