Drew M.


Once I realized I wasn’t going to play shortstop for the Yankees or play drums in the Grateful Dead, I settled on college. After earning a BA at The Johns Hopkins University and an MA at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, my creative work always included mentoring and coaching young people. Now I share that positivity with students and families to help them realize and surpass their academic goals and dreams every day. Oh, and I ended up playing drums in the Grateful Dead after all – sort of. But that’s for another day…


Since 2010, I’ve been blessed to run my own thriving private academic consulting/test prep firm, and I’m excited to bring that wealth of experience and track record of success with me as I continue to expand my reach with LA Tutors in order help kids with the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and GRE. I have long standing partnerships teaching at Hofstra University and Adelphi University, and I’m also deeply experienced in helping kids with their written work in virtually all areas, including the pathway to college process. Finally, I’m deeply fluent in several academic subjects including algebra, geometry, English and the media arts.


All success starts with the belief that we can succeed. “Can” is one of the four C’s, along with comfort, confidence, and competence. With a collaborative vibe that aligns the goals of the student, the mentor and the family, our collective job is to capture and foster those four elements. Yes, we have to know our “stuff,” but my methodology transcends content. I’m a firm believer in nurturing and honoring the process. In academics, as in life and career, if our approach is sound – results will be real, long lasting, and fulfilling.

Drew M.