Isue S.


I was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Upstate New York climbing trees and swimming in watering holes. I did my undergraduate studies at Brown University focusing on an interdisciplinary liberal arts education before moving to LA. I am drawn by storytelling, whether that is through film, photography, writing, or teaching. I think all these mediums allow us to have a better understanding of life and build empathy for one another. When I’m not holding a camera or a pencil, you can catch me playing a game of tennis or figuring out how to cook tofu.


I’ve been teaching since 2010 as an ESL teacher and private tutor, for students as young as 6 to adults as old as 56. My other areas of expertise include test prep and high school mathematics. I have worked with students at all levels- both academically and confidence-wise, and I really enjoy getting to know my students and meeting them where they’re at so that I can uplift them. It’s great to see a score go up, but what’s really gratifying is when you can see the recognition in a student’s eyes; they finally understand the concept!


I am here to help my students academically, but first and foremost, I want to make sure they can trust me and never be afraid of my judgement. I definitely remember struggling through certain topics in school, and recall those experiences to better explain concepts and get through difficult problems. Sometimes, my go-to tips or techniques don’t work, since every student is different. I try to come up with creative learning strategies that are not one-size-fits-all.

Isue S.