Isue S.


I was born in Seoul, South Korea and since then experienced 3 regions of the US, going to elementary school in North Carolina, growing up in Upstate New York, attending Brown University, and moving here to LA. I am drawn by storytelling, whether that is through film, photography, writing, or teaching. I think all these things allow us to have a better understanding of life and build empathy. When I’m not holding a camera or a pencil, you can catch me enjoying an afternoon nap or trying to emulate one of my mom’s recipes.


I’ve been teaching since 2010 as an ESL teacher and private tutor, for students as young as 6 to adults as old as 56. My other areas of expertise include test prep and high school mathematics. It’s great to see a score go up, but what’s really gratifying is when you can see the recognition in a student’s eyes; they finally understand the concept!


I am there to help my students, but first and foremost, I want to make sure they can trust me and never feel afraid of judgement. I definitely remember struggling through certain topics in school, and recall those experiences to better explain concepts and get through difficult problems.

Isue S.