John A.


California is my home and I reside in the LA County Area. I graduated most recently from San Jose State University with a MLIS which added to my Masters of History from San Francisco State University. Teaching and helping people find information and understand historical subjects is something I excel at. When I am not tutoring students, I am usually working out, climbing, or cooking.


I taught over a thousand students over the last two decades in K-12 and College courses. My subjects taught include English, History, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Civics, World History, AP US , AP World, AP Geography. I have taught a diverse group of students that come from all backgrounds and abilities.  I am able to prepare students for all social studies AP tests and I am good with helping writers achieve their goals for the social studies tests by helping them with historical context, short answer and essay writing, and memorization techniques for details needed in the multiple choice sections. If your student is in need of help in essay writing for any subject I will teach them tactics that will help convert their essays into A papers, every time, for every subject. I make sure that the skills I teach when it pertains to reading and writing are applicable on any subject matter. I would be honored to help your student acquire the skills to move ahead academically with confidence.


After teaching over two decades I find that communication with the student is key to understanding how we move forward together. First we must establish what the student knows and does not know, areas in need of improvement, and then we come to a mutual agreement on steps to move forward. By understanding where a student struggles I am able to construct a curriculum that will address their needs and move them closer to their goals.

John A.