Josh O.


Born and raised in Berkeley, CA, I spent eight years in the New York area before calling Los Angeles home. After attending Yale University and studying film, theatre, English, history, law, and politics, I decided to pursue my dream of acting. I’ve now performed on stages from Maine to Florida, and been seen on screens across the US as well as, randomly, Scandinavia and Turkey. When I’m not teaching or acting, I enjoy really nerdy board games, arguing about politics, and teaching myself the ukulele.


I’ve tutored professionally since 2009, and informally for even longer. I rose to the ranks of Senior Tutor at my former NYC test prep firm, where I oversaw the company’s record high SAT improvement when one student rose 320 points in Math, 240 in Writing, and 370 in Reading! I’ve had great success working with students on tests ranging from AP Literature to the ISEE, and consider SAT/ACT/PSAT prep a particular specialty. In 2018, I even had the privilege of being flown from LA to Italy to live on a gorgeous estate for several weeks tutoring the scion of a pasta fortune. (They asked me to stay for the whole school year, but I had to politely say “scusi, no.”)


For education to have a deep impact, I think it’s vital that a student learn, but have fun along the way. Too often tutoring can be seen as a chore instead of an invigorating and entertaining mental workout. I try to find that perfect blend of taskmaster and cheerleader when I work. I love helping students overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I see sessions as focusing not only on a given test or subject, but also on a student’s larger self-confidence, and on academic skills that can last a lifetime. Moreover I take a very individualistic approach; every learner is different, and the tips and tricks that unlock success for one student may not work for the next. I try to adapt to and encourage each student’s own best practices.

Josh O.