Jeremy W.


I was born in Portland, Oregon, and spent much of my life enjoying the soggy forests of the Pacific Northwest. I developed an interest in math and physics after high school through YouTube videos and casual self-study. I studied math and physics at University of Oregon, gaining tutoring experience as a student employee of the math and science libraries. In my spare time, I still enjoy self-study of topics in math and physics and I often explore these with code. I’m also passionate about health and fitness, and enjoy physical training.


At University of Oregon I provided math tutoring for five years, working at the math library. Throughout this time, I helped students with college math courses covering a broad range of topics, with the largest portion in college algebra and calculus. The volume of students requiring tutoring in these areas allowed me to master these curricula, and I believe this mastery is my greatest asset as a teacher. I began private tutoring at the request of library patrons who particularly valued my teaching style.


My teaching style is informed by the subjects I have taught most and my own approach to understanding these topics. Much of this curriculum involves understanding the properties and manipulation of functions, which can often be understood using spatial reasoning. Additionally, I try to motivate problems with real-world examples and help my students view math problems as puzzles. I find that this approach stimulates metacognition and an understanding of the pedagogical goals of the problem.

Jeremy W.