Max R.


I’m originally from a small town in Ohio, but left to attend Brown University where I earned a B.A. in Computer Science and Classics (Latin). I have always loved puzzles and so was deeply fascinated by the intricate structure of both ancient languages and modern code which led me to this unique double major. After college, I joined Teach for America and moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue my career in promoting equitable STEM education. When I am not tutoring, you can find me walking my dog, listening to podcasts, or playing volleyball!


I have taught Math and Computer Science in a high school classroom for six years, but have been tutoring ever since third grade when my teacher assigned me to tutor my classmates in math. I work with students from many different backgrounds and abilities, and all have shared how I meet them where they’re at with the appropriate support to guide them to the next level. My favorite subjects to tutor are AP Computer Science, Intro CS, Algebra II and Precalculus, but ultimately I’m a nerd who just enjoys helping others learn!


I believe it is important to instill within students a strong mindset of learning from mistakes and celebrating growth. Grounded in my Montessori background, I try to act as an educational guide who leads students to their own discoveries so that they can feel ownership over their learning and confidence in their abilities. This practice often involves a lot of Socratic questioning, applications to students’ lives, and deep conceptual understanding. I am also a very upbeat individual and love to bring a strong positive energy to learning!

Max R.