5 Questions with Leah Beasley

Leah Beasley, founder of Beasley College Consulting Leah Beasley is a leading college admissions consultant and the President and Founder of Beasley College Consulting in Farmington Hills, MI. She has over a decade of selective college admissions and college counseling experience at universities including Harvard and University of Michigan. Learn [...]

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5 Questions with Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery, founder of Montgomery Educational Consulting Mark Montgomery is the founder of Montgomery Educational Consulting where he helps hundreds of students in the U.S. and around the world with the college selection and admissions process. He has played many roles in the field of education including Associate Dean at [...]

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5 Questions with Debbie Stier From The Perfect Score Project

Debbie Stier, Author of The Perfect Score Project Debbie Stier is the founder of and author of the upcoming book The Perfect Score Project: Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT. The book and the site provide details on Debbie’s quest to ace the SAT. What originally started as a [...]

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5 Questions with Erica Meltzer from The Critical Reader

Erica Meltzer, founder of The Critical Reader Erica Meltzer is the founder of The Critical Reader where she provides information about standardized testing and the college admissions process. She is also the author of the highly praised book, “The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar,” which has become a test prep [...]

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SAT Sentence Completion Tips

Take a look at this sentence completion question: Because postmodernist critics often rely on___________ language, their prose frequently seems ______________ to nonspecialists who fail to comprehend its meaning. A) accessible….abstruse B) arcane……unequivocal C) esoteric…..impenetrable D) hackneyed…..exotic E) lucid…..grating […]

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When to Plug In Numbers!

[latexpage] Consider the following problem: The sum of two numbers that differ by 1 is $x$. In terms of $x$, what is the value of the smaller of the two numbers? [ A) frac{x}{2} ] [ B) frac{x}{2}+1 ] [ C) frac{2x-1}{2} ] [ D) frac{x-1}{2} ] [ E) frac{x+1}{2} ] [...]

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Demystifying the GRE Quantitative Section

Given that you’re reading this blog means that you have probably elected to take the GRE in lieu of the GMAT or the MCAT or NCLEX. It is also likely a safe assumption that you plan to go into some field in the social sciences upon completion of your graduate degree. With few exceptions, this [...]

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Inference Questions on the GMAT

Inference questions on the GMAT appear in two distinctly different sections of the Verbal Section: Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Unlike the majority of questions that comprise these sections, inference questions pose a challenge because they must be answered in a fundamentally different way. […]

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Combinations and Permutations: The Basics

The Math section of the SAT contains problems pertaining to topics known as combinations and permutations. You may be asked the number of combinations possible in a given situation. For example, let’s say you walk into a restaurant that serves ice cream. You have a choice of five different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, and [...]

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Arithmetic and Algebra on the GMAT

It’s often said of the GMAT that creativity is more indispensable to the quantitative section than it is to the verbal section. While this maxim may run counter to expectations, it is indubitably the case that the student able to think about a math problem in a variety of ways will out-perform the student only [...]

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