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Unraveling the Controversy Surrounding Standardized Testing in College Admissions

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The NY Times recently published an article about the growing pushback to the move away from the SAT among colleges. A combination of pandemic-induced logistical issues and research finding widespread income and race-based disparities in test scores has caused many schools to move away from standardized test scores as a major factor in admissions. However,…

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Remote School vs Remote Learning

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Now that most of us are back to in-person school and events, I often hear parents say, “I’d like to have in-person tutoring sessions because online school didn’t work for my child.” Having experienced the challenges of Zoom kindergarten for my own daughter, I can relate. But having tutored multiple students online, I can also…

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New Details about the California Proficiency Program and the HiSET

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After much anticipation, the California Department of Education has finally released information about how students can get a California Certificate of Proficiency, which holds the same weight as a high school diploma, by taking the HiSET exam. This is one of two tests that will replace the CHSPE. The HiSET exam has been around for…

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