Last Updated On: March 18th, 2020

As many students are continuing their school work from home this month, we want to share a few great resources to help with this transition to online learning. Below are a few organizations that offer reputable content.

Scholastic Learn at Home
Subjects covered: K-12 academic subjects

Subjects covered: K-5 math

Subjects covered: K-12 English

Khan Academy
Subjects covered: K-AP subjects
Helpful article: How can Khan Academy be used for remote learning during school closures?

Subjects covered: K-12 academic subjects

National Geographic Classroom Resources
Subjects covered: K-12 science


There are quite a few other websites that provide resources for lesson planning, transitioning to online learning, and other updates. Below are a few links we’ve found especially helpful.

Amazing Educational Resources
Great for: Links to free resources and subscriptions provided by dozens of companies

Illustrative Mathematics
Great for: Tips for transitioning to online learning from an educator’s perspective

Parent Map
Great for: Links to free worksheets, e-books, and lessons broken down by subject matter


Lastly, if you were signed up to take a standardized test in March or April, it’s likely that it has been postponed or cancelled altogether. For up-to-date summaries of major test updates, please see LA Tutors 123 COVID-19 Updates. We update this resource on a daily basis.

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