Jeff R.


Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I came through the LAUSD public school system. I went to UCLA, graduating in 1993 with a math degree. Not entirely sure what I wanted to do with it then, I started tutoring and teaching. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.


I have been tutoring for over 30 years now, covering all levels of math as well as some science and occasional other topics. I also taught for 15 years at The Emerson Academy, a tiny school in Studio City which is sadly closed now. I have worked with loads of students of widely varying abilities. Students I’ve worked with have seen their grades improve, and have passed AP tests and done well on SATs and ACTs.


I vary my style based on what will help a student most. But mostly I work on breaking down complicated problems into simpler steps, and helping students to understand the concepts behind what they are doing. The more they know why they are doing something, the more they can expand and do something a little different on their own. It’s also very important to form a rapport with a student. If we can’t talk in a friendly way, nothing useful is going to get done.

Jeff R.