Yazmin A.


I grew up in a small town in the central valley called Madera, California. Growing up, I’d spend my time outdoors playing with my pets and drawing! As I matured, I became highly involved in my community and discovered an enthusiasm for making a positive impact wherever I go. After high school, I attended UC San Diego (UCSD) and through various educational opportunities, I ultimately discovered my passion for conveying complex knowledge simply and concisely to help enhance my student’s academic capabilities and confidence. This passion has led to my current career as a science tutor in Los Angeles!


During my undergraduate career at UCSD, I worked for the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) as a tutor/mentor serving local middle school and high school students in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). Throughout my 4 years working with SDUSD, I developed skills to help my students achieve their goals – from improving their grades, to preparing for standardized testing, and everything related to college admissions (UC/CSU applications, FAFSA etc.). I have also worked with incoming college freshmen to help them succeed in the complex university system – from helping them develop effective study skills, to class scheduling, and balancing extracurricular activities.


My tutoring process revolves around 4 central components: knowledge, empathy, honesty, and humor. This has allowed me to build relationships with my students so that I can understand who they are and adapt my tutoring style to fit their needs. We all learn best in different ways, and my job is to help my students figure out how they learn best so that we can create the best study habits to help them succeed academically. In addition, an essential component of my teaching style includes active learning methods, where my students practice skills, solve problems, and explain ideas in their own words through writing and discussion. My ultimate goal for my students is to help them hone their learning styles, develop strong study skills, and enhance their critical thinking capabilities to help them excel academically.

Yazmin A.