The SAT Mathematics Section Overview

SAT Mathematics Tips What does it test? According to the College Board’s website, the SAT Mathematics section includes questions on arithmetic operations, Algebra 1, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability. It does not test concepts from Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, Calculus, or AP Statistics classes. The good news is that once you’ve mastered high [...]

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The SAT Critical Reading Section Overview

SAT Critical Reading Tips! What does it test? The SAT Critical Reading section tests verbal reasoning, reading skills, and vocabulary. It requires you to comprehend complex passages that might be similar to what you will see in college texts. Unlike the reading you do for English class, most passages are [...]

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Redesigned SAT, Again!

College Board President, David Coleman, announcing planned changes to the SAT! The SAT has changed once again, and this time the changes will be substantial. The last time the SAT had substantial changes was in 2005, when the College Board changed the score scale from 1600 to 2400. The primary [...]

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SAT Sentence Completion Tips

Take a look at this sentence completion question: Because postmodernist critics often rely on___________ language, their prose frequently seems ______________ to nonspecialists who fail to comprehend its meaning. A) accessible….abstruse B) arcane……unequivocal C) esoteric…..impenetrable D) hackneyed…..exotic E) lucid…..grating […]

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When to Plug In Numbers!

[latexpage] Consider the following problem: The sum of two numbers that differ by 1 is $x$. In terms of $x$, what is the value of the smaller of the two numbers? [ A) frac{x}{2} ] [ B) frac{x}{2}+1 ] [ C) frac{2x-1}{2} ] [ D) frac{x-1}{2} ] [ E) frac{x+1}{2} ] [...]

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Combinations and Permutations: The Basics

The Math section of the SAT contains problems pertaining to topics known as combinations and permutations. You may be asked the number of combinations possible in a given situation. For example, let’s say you walk into a restaurant that serves ice cream. You have a choice of five different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, and [...]

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