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Last Updated On: September 21st, 2020

1. Build a clear workspace for your child

Just as you need a clean space with room to absorb new information, so does your child. Make sure they have a desk that can fit a laptop computer along with space to write next to their computer. Keep everything clutter-free and easily accessible. Think about yourself. What tools do you need? Honor your child’s needs by keeping things compact and tidy. Only put out what is absolutely necessary for their daily schooling.

2. Goodbye, cluttered mind

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. It can become all consuming. Although it feels comforting to have items all around us, it can become debilitating when that clutter consumes your ability to create and focus. Think about yourself. Now create that space for your child. According to Psychology Today, “…Clutter, physical and mental, can interrupt your flow—both your ability to move and your ability to think.” To learn more about the dangerous effects of clutter, check out 5 Reasons to Clear the Clutter Out of Your Life.

3. Have patience with yourself and your child

Not in one million years could we have predicted these situations we currently find ourselves in. Remember that you are a person handling a pandemic first. You are also now a parent, asked to be a school teacher, handling your child’s learning, during a pandemic. You are doing a great job if you’re reading this and trying to make your child’s experience even better.

Also, you are trying to minimize the fear and frustration for your kids. They are just as annoyed and inconvenienced as you are. Remember they have had their lives uprooted just the same as you. They will be jerks. They will test you to the point of exhaustion. All you can do is your best. And that is enough.

4. Honor the old routines

One way to keep your child happy…implement some of their old routines. If they typically ate lunch at a certain time or had a built in recess, allow them these previous routines. Children thrive in structure. The more structure you can give them, the better off they’ll be. Think about yourself and your need for workday structure. Keeping some of their past school structures is a great way to make them feel a sense of normalcy and allow you opportunities to take breaks that benefit your child and you.

5. When online learning is getting you down, try outside resources

Even during in person schooling, I’ve found that kids can be left feeling like they have no idea where to begin. One technique that is always helpful…rereading the lesson notes. Teachers almost always give clues and hints within their PowerPoints, worksheets, or notes. However, sometimes that’s still not enough. In cases like this, I look outside the general scope. Try resources like Crash Course and Khan Academy that break down lessons with short videos. Check out our blog to learn about more resources as well: K-12 Resources for At-Home & Online Learning. Once you find your child’s preferred resource, return back as many times as needed. These online tools are often free and run off donations, making them easily accessible to all economic demographics.

6. Call for help

As the pandemic has left many people jobless it’s almost unfathomable to spend any more money on things that may not seem necessary. However, I am a big fan of outsourcing when I can’t find the solution. Usually that means I’ve wasted about 5 hours attempting to solve things first and failing, but that shouldn’t be the case. Know your strengths and your weaknesses. Think about yourself and how you handle setbacks. Sometimes help is the only way. If you’re a parent who is on the front lines and just needs a little helping hand, seek out a tutor. Even if it’s only for one hour once a week, this guide may be your lifeline. In one hour I’ve helped a child accomplish their homework for the entire evening, usually something they anticipated would take 4 or more hours. Sometimes kids just need that extra motivation and guidance from someone other than their parent to help them stay on task. Reach out to LA Tutors 123 about our packages so you can find the right match for your budget.

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