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Religious Affiliation
Co-Ed or Single Sex

TREE is a new, innovative non-profit school with a customized educational approach. We provide both small classes combined with individual college-preparatory instruction – for every student, every class, every week – which means five tutorial blocks per week to our 6th through 12th grade students. TREE is designed for high achievers and students feeling disillusioned, for those with burning passions as well as for those with alternative learning modes – all looking for a student-centered, interdisciplinary approach to the Creative Arts and New Technologies at a unique, diverse Campus and Community Center, dedicated to Social and Environmental Justice.

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YULA is a Modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School, dedicated to cultivating an unwavering commitment to Halacha, Torah values, outstanding academic achievement, and exemplary moral conduct.


YULA’s mission and underlying principle, laid out in the Three Pillars of a YULA Education, is that we stress the PRIMACY & RELEVANCY OF TORAH, an UNCOMPROMISING GENERAL STUDIES curriculum, and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT at the highest level. As a proud Yeshiva high school, our aim is to instill within our students a passion for Torah learning, refined middot tovot, and love for Medinat Yisrael.


We dream big at YULA. That’s because we have great aspirations for our graduates. A YULA graduate is able to live with his feet firmly planted in two distinct worlds: the Beit Medrash, with the skills, inspiration, and passion to make daily Torah study a lifelong pursuit, as well as the broader world around us, with the education and training that will open every possible academic and professional opportunity, ultimately leading to a passion-driven career path. Graduates of our yeshiva leave with a firm foundation in both Torah studies and general studies, as B’nei Torah who are firmly rooted in Jewish tradition, ready to make an impact on the wider community. Armed with deep and meaningful relationships with fellow classmates, rebbeim, and teachers, they are poised to make growth a lifelong pursuit.


Established in 1980, WNS is an independent school in the heart of Silicon Beach with a mission to create a community of lifelong learners that nurtures students from diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential and inspires them to contribute to the world with confidence, creativity, curiosity, conscience, and compassion. We believe in the importance of fostering resilience in our students and value perseverance, effort, and learning from our mistakes. Our goal is to instill in our students a love of learning, cultural sensitivity, and a deep understanding of our world both in and outside the classroom.


Vistamar School, founded in 2005, is an independent college preparatory day school providing a better way to do high school. Vistamar builds independent thinkers with diverse viewpoints who are better prepared for college and the world beyond. With a 6:1 student: teacher ratio and an average class size of 14, Vistamar’s exceptional teachers interact closely with individual students to provide strong support as students navigate the rigorous, academically challenging curriculum.

Vistamar’s curriculum combines the best practices of American independent schools with leading-edge methods drawn from top educational systems around the world. The school attracts students who are driven to learn because the school cultivates critical thinking and independence. The colleges and universities graduates attend reflect the selectivity and variety expected from one of LA’s finest independent schools.

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Viewpoint School is where TK-12 students become world-ready, growing into grounded individuals, resilient learners, and connected global citizens who are inspired to meet the challenges of an unpredictable future. Viewpoint School is committed to inspiring leadership in students, in all its forms, one student at a time. There are as many ways of being a leader as there are individuals, and our mission is to recognize and develop the individuality in each student. From leading a Primary School assembly to exhibiting quiet confidence in the studio or gym, at Viewpoint, students are encouraged to “find your voice, give your best, and go beyond.”


Turning Point School is a Preschool-8 independent school located in the heart of Culver City.

We believe that students learn best when they are happy, engaged, and collaborative. Based on scientific research and the field of positive psychology, our “positive equation for achievement” encompasses the intellectual, social, physical, ethical, and emotional elements that drive each student’s experience and growth, from the very first day of preschool until eighth-grade graduation.

Our mission: We open our doors every day to create a dynamic learning community in which each child grows into their best self.


At The Wesley School, we honor timeless traditions and pride ourselves on our caring, welcoming, and diverse community. Take one look at our historic ivy-covered brick buildings, and you’ll be instantly transported to a different time and place – to a beautiful, tucked-away gem – an oasis in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Here, we offer individual attention and small instructional groups, all the while nurturing relationships, developing globally-minded citizens, and demanding every student’s personal best. Our dedicated faculty, low student-to-teacher ratio, and wonderful learning community further set us apart, as do the smiles on our children’s faces when they willingly participate in everything from classroom discussions to public speaking opportunities.


The vibrant, diverse, and supportive Country School community is a place where students are able to explore their unique voices, traits, and talents, and where each voice is honored and respected. Focusing on project-based curriculum, and fostering emotional intelligence, TCS students engage in learning that is collaborative, empowering, and revelatory, while developing self-awareness, personal character, and resilience. Students do not receive homework until the second semester of Fifth Grade and, instead of assignments, have the freedom to let their interests and passions guide their learning at home.


Blessed with inquisitive and thoughtful students, outstanding and caring teachers, and passionately involved parents, St. Matthew’s Parish School offers a unique blend of attributes that make it special in so many ways. An integral part of the Parish of St. Matthew and the larger Episcopal community, the school stresses moral and spiritual growth while welcoming and celebrating families of all faiths. Our school motto captures this array of characteristics formed into a cohesive whole: Serve – Lead – Flourish.

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