Hunter L.


I grew up in California’s Bay Area (around Mountain View/Los Altos, if you’re curious), and I am currently studying mathematics at UCLA as a Ph.D. student. The vast majority of my time is consumed by reading textbooks and doing exercises, which I promise is much more interesting than it sounds. Besides math, I deeply enjoy music and coding; you can often find me playing the piano or working on programming projects in my off time.


I have been teaching for over half a decade, both in classroom settings and in private one-on-one settings. Much of my experience is in AP test prep for calculus, physics, statistics, and computer science, and the vast majority of my students have enjoyed perfect 5’s on their exams. In addition, I have provided academic support for dozens of college-level students in advanced topics in mathematics, including linear algebra, differential equations, and real analysis; I’m even working as a teaching assistant at UCLA this year.


I firmly believe that every student requires individualized attention and forethought in regards to their learning styles. There is no “one size fits all” for teaching styles, and this can be deeply frustrating for students falling behind in large classes. I seek to build a teaching style that builds on each student’s existing strengths and addresses their hidden weaknesses, which is a critical process that often does not happen in most classrooms.

Hunter L.